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  1. Hahahaha how many times have I said that same line.. after this I'm done.
  2. This every 6 months or so schedule they are doing has really been working well for me... I've skipped tv max (mistake) and DYRL Kakizaki. And having stopped buying Gundam kits til I build the ones I have. The budget can handle what DX Chogokin is throwing at it. I'd love to see DYRL Max. So he is represented in my incomplete collection
  3. I'm still hoping the rest of the missiles will be 'somehow' removable. Even if the upper ones are just painted tips on a flat plastic base... I'm holding out hope for a effects kit with itano circus type 'missile trails' .. that could include the missiles that don't come on the GBP. *fingers crossed* Actually I guess if they are not removeable the 'smoke cloud' could effectively just tab in over top.
  4. HLJ is loading again. Yes. Order that went to 502 after payment and the email came through IS listed in Order History. This is actually the smoothest this has gone for me in like 2 yrs.
  5. Whew. HLJ email confirmation came in even though the final page after payment 502'd. Guess I'm good. Check your emails if you got 502. if you did CC already you MIGHT have succeeded.
  6. Valkaholics Anonymous.. Everytime we do this, I die a little inside. JK, but.. wow. 3am.. HLJ just asked me to prove 'I am not a robot' ... I'm not sure at this point.
  7. Just ordered the armor after all. Budgets not tight tight, but I like to be practical. For the few times I transform it, I can take off the armor. $140 hurts a lot less than $340
  8. Ok, so because I read it like months ago.. (I had no idea if his new posting scheme would be good or bad, I hadn't seen it before!) Is this where I lt IS okay to say this: After a change of heart, I registered email to let me know when the GBP was available again at Hobby genki. Got mail this morning and PO worked. I just have to hope they don't turn out to be like another company I used o trust and stopped. (you all know who but I'm not gonna dogpile on them in case they fix their service and return to being good) Also.. OMG that super robot wars video is cool!!
  9. Well crud. I look at the pictures more about how maneuverable it looks and now I have non-buyers remorse. My Yamato 148 GBP is such a brick. Oh well maybe they'll reissue this in 6 months or something. They seem to do it with the other super and strike packs.
  10. I want to want this, but i dont want to pay for it. Anyone else find the GBP turns you off a bit cause its so unposable (in previous incarnations)?? Maybe I'm alone in that. If i had the $350 or $400 to get the whole set i might do it.. Why am I Even posting this? It looks cool, honestly. I'm just getting cheap.
  11. Ah yea see my memory is filling in things not there! Trying to subconsciously make excuses for Bandai I guess
  12. Sheesh so complicated. It's been uh.. only a month.. since I rewatched the first 8 eps.. Hikaru has no un spacy helmet in the opening scenes, that weird thing around his head with goggles instead.. Then he gets in the VF-1D and amazingly there's a nice helmet in there the color of his future uniform... I suspect the toy just comes with one Hikaru figure so that's why the helmet. He DOES get back in the fan racer, with Minmei after the VF-1Debacle... WITH helmet, And the space fold happens and he has the helmet when they get caught in the lost part of the SDF-1.. so I guess I w
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