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  1. Hey so ANYWAY, any new mospeada toys coming? Pics?
  2. Well I finally have this toy in hand. And I am happy. I mean I guess the pink thing I see it but it doesn’t bug me because I haven’t been able to get this figure in any other line any other scale ever. The fact that the front visor doesn’t stay in down position is more annoying than color. I think once I follow the decal route the route shown here I will be satisfied. I’ve been wanting a figure of her since the 80s when they had those cruddy little partsformers That’s still impressed my preadolescent self
  3. Not bad! I’ve been scouring the eye decals, And have not found anywhere how do I put this… the top half of the eye is bigger than the bottom half and it’s not such a cat Eye look. You know the 80s kind of style. Anyway yours are a bit like the modern ones too but they look better than the otheroptions I saw. Do you happen to know what manufacturer and sheet number that is? Thanks!
  4. When I get mine I’m going to take a picture of the face and then Photoshop it so that the eyes are moved down slightly. It’s possible that will make her look right. Right now she looks like an older woman like by 10 years. Also depending on the size of the eyes they may be able to be replaced by those decal eyes you can get. I wonder…
  5. Same here!! Woohoo indeed. Just hit SHIP as this was the item i was waiting for. EXCITING
  6. I’ve always wondered how, or if, he gets the paint to be sturdy enough to withstand transformation . Any ideas?
  7. lavinrac

    Hi-Metal R

    I have similar feelings. It had this vibe for me of a slow anime. Characters staring into the sky and whatnot. mysticism. I wish i could get into it, and frontier and delta. SDF is the only one that completely hit the spot story wise, and Macross Plus Because as you guys described where the action sequences were great but character story bored me. And I have to admit Macross seven because despite all of the goofiness it was still a fun ride. i will still buy a vf-0 though. Very nice design and not spindly and thin like newer valks
  8. Based on things I’ve received in the past three or four months from HLJ I’d guess around 40 to 45 bucks. For DHL or FedEx
  9. Fuke riobot is live on HLJ Right now. Just preordered. Sleep can be uninterrupted!
  10. Update.. I dragged it out of storage.. The hands do all have an insert piece. but they are slightly different sizes. If you don't mind a little shimming with some plastic sheet styrene sheets, (pla plate for gundam'ers out there) and you dont mind using one of your other many valk hands as a donor... this might be the best way to get a truly 'sturdy' solution. see pic...
  11. I'm a little late to the game here.. but it looks like that fist has a removeable rectangular part with the connector on (now broken off) it. Do any of the fists you like less have the same part and you could carefully cut it out and swap in a non broken one? I'd answer myself but i don't have a set of non-tv sets handy they are all in the storage room in box
  12. Same.. i intended to be very selective. But max is arriving tomorrow which means I’ll have all but kakizaki dyrl it does help the wallet that the releases seem like 6 months apart
  13. So random. but I just noticed a Zentraedi ship with Harlocks skull on it in Ep 27 Ai Wa Nagareru! Did anyone else see this? I don't know the exact time but its about 1 minute after Minmay starts singing, and a couple seconds after the Orguss Valkyrie shows up.
  14. I'd like them to release the anime they are from... I've never seen any of these mysterious robots in my life before because they were clearly labeled 'Japan Only' in the past!
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