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  1. I had used Tenso when I purchased the Arcadia 1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Premium Finish a few years back. It was about a $75 USD service/shipping fee for the item, and it was the only way I could have gotten this item sent to the US. The shipping was fast; the packaging was only decent but definitely should have been better; the SDF-1’s box arrived with some slight dents and minor creases—I was a little upset at this considering it was a $500 item. The service got me what I needed, but I hope to not have to use it again unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Same experience with Nin-Nin. It was the small bubbles wrap they used, too. But, fortunately, my items came in mostly good condition (8.5/10). I had second orders of the same items from other stores that arrived in MIMB condition, and I ended up using the items I received from Nin-Nin as my set to open/display. (I’d love to get a second armored VF-1J set, but this set is just too expensive already.)
  3. Not sure what the PayPal exchange fee is. My fee came up to just over $17.00 US, and I accepted the cost because I really wanted the armored VF-1J. Never tried to cancel with Nin-Nin before, but I’ve read others’ posts that they only give store credit.
  4. Believe it or not, Nin-Nin has come through for me whenever I buy from their later rounds (marked-up prices) of a PO. The last purchases I had with them were Roy and then Roy’s Super Pack. They came through on both orders, even though their packaging was really pathetic. I have the armored VF-1J combo set on PO with them (round 3 price) from this morning, so I have some level of trust with them currently. Best of luck with your hunt! Note: I always use PayPal with a credit card for my purchases just in case.
  5. Just scored one from Nin-Nin. Refreshed browser window a few times only 20 minutes after waking up, and it showed up for PO. $446.52 USD including EMS shipping. My wallet is hurting.
  6. I wonder how long before Nin-Nin makes it available again for PO. I’ll probably end up paying $450+ USD if I end up getting one at all from them.
  7. Yep, same here. I just checked my Junk folder and found it. Thanks for posting this! I had checked my Junk folder yesterday but didn't think to do it this morning. AE sent me a notice at 2:06 AM EST today.
  8. I received mine from Okini this past Saturday. I should have received it almost 2 weeks ago, but DHL "lost it" for over a week. (Worst experience with DHL ever. Had to call their customer service almost twice daily to get someone to help me. They had delivered to a different address.) Mine arrived in the same manner as yours, but it nearly mint condition. I got one from Nin-Nin almost 3 weeks ago, and they packed it the same exact way as Okini, but there was some minor creasing on the VF-1S box. So the Nin-Nin one is to open, while the Okini one is to keep MISB.
  9. Same for me as well. I ordered the Super Parts (December release) on July 6. I figure AE's still going through their stock and working on sending out notices. I still haven't gotten around to opening my VF-1S yet, so I'm personally not in a rush to receive it. I fully trust AE as I've bought a number of items from them before in the past.
  10. Jade20X

    GBP Roy

    Awesome! I never knew this. Thank you for the info!
  11. Jade20X

    GBP Roy

    So forgive me, but it’s been so very long ago that I’ve watched Macross or DYRL. Roy never appeared in GBP, right? Otherwise, this GBP armor is beautiful.
  12. Nice! Which store did you get them from?
  13. Yeah, I truly believe this is their business model. I paid about $350 for mine from NNG (which I was okay with), and felt that my chances of getting this immediately after release date was pretty high with them. (I got mine from NNG on 12/3.) I'm certain that if I had managed to snatch one up during their initial, lower-priced PO window for this, either I wouldn't get it till months later or I would never get it at all from them. I read reviews where lower-priced POs were later cancelled on NNG customers, and the item went back in stock and relisted at a much higher price on NNG's website.
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