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  1. Wow mate, that's tough. Really sorry to hear that. Enjoy the new collection and the car.
  2. My VF-31C has recently yellowed, left in the box. Was the Styrofoam for sure thst caused it. The other DX VF-31s I have had a plastic sheet between the valk and the Styrofoam and they had no issues. Will contemplate this process once I muster up the courage to do it.
  3. In battroid mode the images suggest a chunkier form. Especially in the arms area.
  4. Nice job Lolicon, that pilot figure does look great as does the YF-29
  5. Dirtyboy

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Its annoying how much more appealing the armor set is in those more neutral military style livery.
  6. I just want to order it now for the box art. Lol.
  7. Expanse is fantastic, but I wouldnt say their ship designs are very interesting. Functional and realisitc, but not exciting. Finally got this, thought I would bite the bullet in an attempt to finish off vermillion sqaudron once Ben Dixon/Kakizaki is released. Definitely spent too much on it, but meh I aint buying multiples so i guess its ok.
  8. For those interested NY selling missles for close to Retail price atm. Not a bad deal
  9. Did anyone manage Hobby Search, literally 10 secs after 4pm JPT it was sold out, like how???
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