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  1. If you didn't get a Roy on PO (which is nowhere guaranteed) you would have paid about $300 shipped on release day for one. They don't go for much more now. I've even seen them for less. Roy's have not been hard to get for reasonable money.
  2. Thanks for pointing out my own point.....to me.
  3. There is one more book where they are the current age. They could use makeup for the 30yr jump. Considering that in the Expanse universe people live to 120ish yrs old a 30yr time jump from 65ish yrs old isn't going to represent a huge physical change. OMG OMG OMG!!!!
  4. No kidding. As a whole the toy industry puts out a pretty crappy product. Bandai being no exception despite their size. If the car industry had the same average quality there would be broken down cars all over the place.
  5. They do one more book after the Free Navy arc and then they jump 30yrs. I get why they stopped at the end of the Free Navy arc. It's just weird that they teased out the story going forward so much. Drummer is awesome. Her, Avasarala and Amos carry the show for me. Honorable mention for Fred Johnson. The show really fell short with Bobby, Naomi and Holden for me. Not that I was ever a Holden "fan" even in the books. Oh yeah, they NAILED Alex on the show too.
  6. Wait what? I had no idea that The Expanse's last episode was going to be #6. What a weird way to end the series. I thought they had left themselves enough time to finish out the story (it would have been tight but they could have done it in 6-7 more episodes). Instead the tease a couple three books worth of content and don't cash you out??? It's just.......weird. I myself am not sideways about it because I know how it all plays out. If I was just watching the show I would feel very unsatisfied though. That said, it's nowhere near the disaster that was the ending of GOT.
  7. The design of something is only half the job. Production is a whole different deal. There is a big problem worldwide right now with quality because of COVID. I suspect it's a lot of factors from the quality of raw materials (something I'm having problems with) to lots of new employees to a general ability for the individual to use COVID as an excuse for screwing off. IDK what the situation is in Asia but in the US finding and retaining good employees right now is really hard.
  8. I took a look at it and aside from the yellow stripes it shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe they won't be 100% accurate. But I wouldn't think that necessary.
  9. I don't think they're THAT bad. I have a lot of toys that are way worse.
  10. I was hoping to do the same but the yellow strips are going to be the biggest issue. The only way I could come up with was to just do them as yellow stripes and lay them in at the angles they need to be. My skills aren't good enough for that though.
  11. I "pose and forget" my toys so I'm not particularly upset. It's not like I transform things more than once or twice. But it is disapointing. And yeah, it looks cool! That checks out.
  12. I just finished this. Wow. I wasn't expecting THAT! Fantastic book. I just about burned my eyes out ripping through it. Highly recommended. I just picked up his other book Snowcrash.
  13. I guess mine isn't the only junky one. I'm not upset because I don't play with my toys once on display. But, I would be happier if I knew it was top quality.
  14. Alfred also keeps the house clean and feeds him. The Bale movies sorta did OK explaining that away. Except for the fact that the only person at Wayne Industries that notices the Batmobile was the Tumbler was an accountant. There would have been a MASSIVE team of people involved in making that thing a reality.
  15. As seomone who has been building cars for 30yrs I always had a small problem of where the Batmobile's came from. Bruce Wayne as one person wouldn't have the time to build most of them. That means a very large team of people would be involved.
  16. Bandai DX VF-31J Kai Limited Edition - -$365 - -Great shape. Never transformed. - -Kept in a UV light, smoke and dust free environment in a glass case. - -Price is for using PayPal F&F. If not using F&F, add 4%. - -Prices include shipping in CONUS. No PO Boxes. - -I’m on the Macross World straight shooters list (sqidd). - -100% feedback on evilBay account name 99thbestname. - -Items will ship within three business days (not including the day of payment) by UPS.
  17. I mostly agree with this. But, I think one variable that can be very damaging/yellowing and is very common should be much further up on the list. Or, at the top of the list depending on what the list is. Confused yet? I am! I like your list in an "all cause" sense. Most of the time toys are displayed. So UV is going to be at the top pf the list and packaging will be at the bottom. But.... From a storage perspective the list gets inverted for the most part. I would combine heat and outguessing together for the #1 spot. The former exacerbating the latter. The zillion dollar question is if it is stored in a cool/dry place will that outgassing be reduced to zero or near zero. Maybe. I have no idea. I'm not taking that chance though. I got an extra 31AX. I'm removing it from the standard packaging and re-boxing it with no foam just in case even though my toys are stored in a cool/dry place.
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