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  1. Assuming that the exchange rate will be the same-ish when it ships/ card gets charged (should be close) with shipping that's $316. Not too shabby for an Arcadia. Unfortunately that is not DHL shipping in this listing. I'm pretty sure that's slow boat. For those of you that have paid your final total with DHL or FedEx shipping what was your total cost sitting on your doorstep? I'm having a really hard time with this one. I have two Yamato's on display and they look great. Do I really need Arcadia's and want to deal with selling the Yamato's?
  2. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Man, I looked everywhere on his site aside from where that was! I'm having some resin VF-1 Atmospheric Boosters and launch vehicles made/painted by a guy out of Chile to display with my HMR stuff. I told him 1/91 scale. That's close enough. Thanks! These are the 3D printed versions so the surfaces suck and they don't look great. He assures me that the resin versions look fantastic. I paid through PayPal so if they don't I'm safe.
  3. You know it's going to be a great episode when you get this warning before it starts. And it was great (not just because if this moment).
  4. I agree. I have switched my business over to only doing shipping quotes when a item/kit is ready to ship (some custom kits have a 4-6mo wait time). Because I ship a lot of stuff all over the world I have seen exactly what is going on with shipping cost increases. They have been dramatic. If they try and charge me what shipping costs have actually increased I have no problem paying. If they use it as an excuse and an opportunity to over charge, I'll cancel my order.
  5. They charged me a pretty good amount for shipping. They better not try and get more when it's time to go. Guess I had better look for a backup.
  6. Dunno. But they do allow you to pay with a credit card so you're not locked into Paypal's 6mo time limit. I paid with my card that has no time limit. They either deliver, or I do a chargeback.
  7. Ordered one through BIJ. They didn't give me a DHL option so I had to pick EMS. Great, now I get to deal with USPS. Yay.
  8. With a $51M opening it's a flop. Disney will lose money on this one. Good. They deserve it for the piles of trash they have been dumping on the world.
  9. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    I just measured a HMR in Fighter and I'm coming up with it being 1/91 scale. Does that sound right?
  10. Just finished Sqidd Game (see what I did there?). Not what I thought it was going to be and really liked it.
  11. What is the end game for all of this stuff you buy (there seems to be something every day in the "new to me thread"?
  12. Yeah, they're officially unobtanium now.
  13. Ya know, I liked the 31AX when I got it. But, I'm REALLY liking it with the Supers.
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