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  1. I'm sure it's all over the place. This guy asked $200 but I gave him $300 and told him to have fun. I have my own business. I'm FAR better off spending the time working. And my other hobbies already suck up too much time. This guy has won all sorts of stuff and paints for one of the statue companies for a living. Short version, he's good.
  2. I've got two. Love em. I don't transform my toys much though (hence having 2-3 of most stuff, one for each mode). If I want to transform something I'll grab a Chunky Monkey. Speaking of.......I need one more for Gerwalk.
  3. Can you let us know how you like it? The video that was posted about it wasn't very flattering and I took a pass. If it's decent I'll get one. Thanks
  4. I'm just complaining like a child. I imagine you guys have a ton of work ahead of you getting all of them shipped.
  5. Pro Tip: Take the intake/compressor covers off and stow them before you put the armor on. If/when they fall off (one of mine did while putting it in the cabinet) you can't get them back on without removing the "diaper" portion of the armor. Easier just to remove them and stow them in the box.
  6. Who's Progekt03? I think I recognize the display in the background from pics on here.
  7. Maybe the scanned the Bandai kits in and re-produced them? That technology is pretty easy. Yeah, I can't see how they could buy Bandai kits and make money????
  8. Pretty nice kit. It would be nice if the missiles came out (and I'm kinda happy I don't ala Yamato and self ejecting missiles every time you sneeze). I would love for Bandai to release a missile effects set. The quality seems good. Not out of this world. Nothing wrong with it either. I'd say it gets a 9 out of 10. Mostly I'm happy the armor doesn't self eject ala Yamato.....thank goodness. Used a extra S as a stand in until one of the full sets I have on order comes in. Not thrilled with this pose. Something isn't quite right. I'll have to sort that out over the next few days.
  9. My daily @LUNA PARK update. 5 days since shipping label created. No movement.
  10. Armor Only Kits back up on AmazonJP. DHL shipping and about 200. Go, go! https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09BBHVMVC/ref=aod_recommendations_asins_1
  11. I have a minty Maruyama for sale. It's solid. PM me if interested.
  12. They could be painting/assembling another 3rd party figure.
  13. Well, screw it I say. I wanted an extra anyway. I just ordered from Okini Land. Let's see who ships first. Okini Land or Luna Park. Who wants to bet on Luna Park? If Luna Park tracking goes live tomorrow all of you that ordered from Luna Park can thank me. I made Bandai release the DX Focker. My powers work in strange ways!
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