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  1. Watched ep 3 last night. Wow, Homelander is getting super creepy! I love it!
  2. LOL! I'm never going to be able to unsee that now. Looks kinda like an EVA 01 mouth.....but missing it's front teeth.
  3. I have two Arcadia's. One in Fighter, one in Gerwalk. Both have the wrong feet (I have the right ones in the boxes). It doesn't bother me at all.
  4. Makes sense. If your found guilty in a criminal case you do the time (or maybe get to stay out on bail in some cases) until the appeal.
  5. Looks weird.
  6. Just watched the first two. The show has a different feel to it. And I love it. I loved season 1 and liked season 2. Season 3 is shaping up to be something right up my alley. -Don't know if you guys caught that the Pres candidate was Robert (Bobby) Singer from Supernatural. Same actor, same name. Gotta love Eric Kripke putting that sort of stuff in there. He's great with not taking himself too seriously. -Holy smokes do they go after Disney HARD!! First the crack about shoveling Vought's programing to their "Plus" streaming service had me cracking up. And when they got to Vought, I mean Disney/groomer land my jaw dropped. Wow, shots fired!!!!! This seems like it's going to be a lot of fun!
  7. Wait, Amazon didn't release all of them.....again?
  8. Ya know. When this is done Arcadia or KC will release a TV version. Because "The Universe". Everyone will owe you one.
  9. I agree. I droll over LEK's stuff. But this one just looks a little funny.
  10. Another factor is probably that scalpers have not caught on that there has been a downturn in people willing to pay scalper prices as the world economy slows down. In their "defense" they put their orders in 6-7mo in advance of getting them. The economy can change a lot in that period of time (and did).
  11. My supers are at my buddies in JP ATM.
  12. I think it's more of an "infected lung phlegm".
  13. Watched all 7 episodes of the first "batch" (more coming July 1st) with the wife. The episodes are looooonnng. The seventh being about 1:45. Certainly good value. Thought it got off maybe a little slow/scattered. But then it found its groove. It seems like ages since I watched S3. I think I actually like this one better. It certainly has a different feel to it. If you don't remember or know about this bit of 80's history not a bad idea to brush up on it before watching the new season. Satanic Panic
  14. Yeah, that would be cool.
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