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  1. I think the real question here is what were you doing in a Hot Topic? Lose a bet?
  2. I'm surprised this isn't more common really. I imagine that these would be a pretty good part to have available 3D printed.
  3. It's kind of disappointing that $100 doesn't buy you an opening engine compartment, doors, etc. It's a great looking car though. I suppose that along with the accurate livery is where the money went (I imagine they have to pay for the livery). I hear you on not needing to collect something else. I'm pretty sure I won't be going down this rabbit hole though. That 1:1 Countach was almost as big as a real one!
  4. The Movies That Made Us has new episodes on NF. One of them is Robocop. I didn't know that ED-209 was based on the Glaug.
  5. Duh! It's a Minichamps so on the higher end of the 1/18 stuff. Not too bad though. I found it on feeBay for $106 shipped. I'm new to the 1/18 stuff. Especially the race car replicas. The livery has a lot to do with the price/value. If it's a famous driver(s) and in a livery that won a race or championship that seems to drive the price up. I don't know if some of these die cast cars are distributed/sold Bandai style where they make one run and then no more. Hence driving the cost up. It seems like it may be that way on some of the cars. I was looking for a 80's Lamborghini Chountach LP400S but the two better ones (AUTOart and Kyosho) go for stupid money. $400-800. Then I ran across a PO on Kyosho re-releasing theirs in red (perfect) for I think it was $150 or so??? The Kyosho looks a wee bit better in the proportions than the AUTOart. But the AUTOart is actually more accurate to the real car. Kicking myself for not buying the 1:1 Countach LP500S I was offered in 2004 for...............................$47,000. No one wanted them back then. Now they go for silly money.
  6. If I flew it.....it would be a $15K pile of scrap!
  7. That's where I'm leaning. Another 1/18 today. Porsche 962
  8. Me too! I have one full blown project car left in me. I'm not sure what I want to do. The current choices are: -77' Bandit Trans Am restomod with a big inch LS with a blower, 6 speed manual, big brakes, big suspension, etc. All the amenaties, etc. I'd probably use a 77' AT nad a recent Camaro (wrecked) as the donor. -67' Ford F-100 made into an extenda cab on a custom tube chassis sporting a 800rwhp GT500 motor and one of the 10 speed auto's out of the new Mustangs. Again, all the amenities. Something that would be nice to drive cross country. -Mad Max Interceptor replica with a 800rwhp GT500 drivetrain in it. And again, all the amenities. If I was smart I'd sell all of the motors, transmissions, blowers, rear ends, etc I have and get a 2020+ GT500 Track Pack and leave it stock. Or a C8 Corvette.....and leave it stock. I'm not smart though.
  9. I turned notifications off on everything I follow a long time ago. I have a shortcut that takes me to the page that shows me what threads I'm following. The ones with new posts are in bold. I did it so I could avoid having a billion notifications in my email to clear out.
  10. He gave me the option of weathering, battle damage, etc. I said I wanted to keep it really clean and vibrant. He did exactly what I asked him to do. Did I ask him to do the right thing? Who knows. He did paint every surface. I know tat for sure. I could see it happening in the progress pics. He also sent me samples of the red and blue so I could pick the exact ones I wanted to have him use. The "stickers" are some sort of "holographic" water slides. He didn't use the supplied ones. He's doing Char's Zaku II next. I'm having him go for a more weathered/beat up look on that one.
  11. @LUNA PARK Is that a Yolo Park Optimus Prime to the right of the couch?
  12. Every part is painted. I asked him to give it a very clean anime accurate look that pops when it's on the shelf. Bright colors, etc. If you look closely you can see how he used light grey against white on the armor to give it depth. The pictures are crap. I'll try and get better ones when it arrives.
  13. I get a renewal yesterday. Looks cool, but man is it junk compared to the current level of DX's.
  14. And cracks. It used to be standard to paint interiors/roll cages in race cars white for the same reason.
  15. Fan racer?
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