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  1. In the anime do the different characters have different color speaker pods or are they all the same color across the squad? I'm thinking of putting my pod on Mirage's Valk. But I don't want it to be non cannon (look what you guys have done to me!). Thanks
  2. I never thought about it that way. Thanks for pointing that out. Interestingly (in my interpretation) she got her revenge at the same time he was getting his redemption arc. That's good writing.
  3. I've never seen Stealth. Top Gun is a classic. Also one of the best "Honest Trailers" ever done. Another great fighter movie was Firefox. I like to see it every 10yrs or so and remember that my Grandfather took me to it when I was a kid. He was a B17 pilot in WW2. 42 missions. The guy was a rock that got the job done. No matter what. I wish I was more mature when he passed and was insightful enough to sit down with him and ask for a lot more advice.
  4. I'm not triggered by much. But that did get me while watching Plus. I like that Macross stuff doesn't shy away from "real" things. I don't like watching things that involve women getting abused, raped, etc. though. Now if the goal is to make me want to strangle the life out of the character doing it......mission accomplished. Also, don't hurt dogs.
  5. The fi5rst time I saw Plus I thought to myself..........self, This would make a great Americanized action movie. Something with a Top Gun type feel. It would have to obviously change some (which would drive some purists nuts) but I can see it landing well with American audiences. Even with the singing......but maybe pull it back just a tad. Put three big actors in there for the main protagonists and it would sell. Don't let Michael Bay anywhere near it.
  6. Mail call. The fold projection unit should have been sold separately....for $19.99.
  7. I think the real problem with Momoa was that he was being, himself. The guy has a ton of charisma, and most of the things he acts in plays to that, The problem is he doesn't really act. He plays slightly different versions of himself. It makes it hard for him to fit into a movie like this. He's kind of like The Rock in this way. Fun to watch when he's doing "Rock Stuff". But he isn't going to fit into something "cerebral". I don't want to take anything away from either of them. I've met The Rock (through a friend who worked on the Fast And Furious cars) and the guy absolutely oozes charisma and it super fun to be around. From what I hear Momoa is the same way.
  8. This place cracks me up. One of the first complaints I saw leveled at the GBP was that it felt light and cheap. What availability issues? I think this is the most available DX release yet, They can still be had all over the place for a very modest "late fee".
  9. You don't have a stand alone 1J? If not there is a argument for buying another combo set, and then selling the armor off so offset the cost. You could be into a 1J for about $280 pretty easy. That would be a killer 1J price.
  10. Have you seen most popular movies? The average viewer doesn't wonder much. As long as the opening scene has explosions, they like the movie.
  11. Motorcycles haven't stalled since 20yrs ago. That helicopter thing is super cool. I'd love to have one. From a technical standpoint it's not exactly earth shattering though. A frame, some electronics, a battery(s) and some electric motors. It's pretty much a scaled up RC drone. If I were to spend real money on something like that (and I'm dumb enough to do it) it had better go at least 75mph and have a 1hr battery "range". Anything short of that and I wouldn't be interested. And that's the low bar. I'd really like something like that to go at least 100mph......which is still pretty slow.
  12. I think the only thing I explained to my wife was the Bene Gesseret were basically witches. She wasn't quite picking it up in the beginning. I can understand that. It has a sci fi feel more than a fantasy feel to it. If you're thinking along the lines of sci fi you may not make the magic connection right away. My wife tried explaining Hunger Games to me too. I was tuned out by the time they got on the train though so it was a lost cause. I wasn't paying attention anymore.
  13. Ewwwww, gross. I'll pull mine out right away. A layer between the Valk and the foam isn't going to prevent yellowing 100%. It's an issue with off-gassing (gas), so the entire inside of the Styrofoam coffin is being effected. Or is it affected? I'm too lazy to look it up.
  14. OMGIII I want one!!!!!!!!😲 Kind of. It's electric, so the range can't be that good. It also looks a little slow. And $92K is pretty steep for something that is less complicated than a motorcycle. If they can actually sell these things they should come down to $25-30K.
  15. My wife knows nothing of Dune and loved it. She's not much if a sci fi fan, so that says a lot. I thought the exposition was a wee bit much. I've read the books and seen the 1984 movie. She thought the exposition was spot on. With her input I'd say the exposition was spot on then. I'd wager that there are going to be more first time "Duners" than people that know the story seeing the movie.
  16. Why would one want a live action adaptation to be a copy of the anime? Just watch the anime again if that is exactly what you want. I go into every adaptation knowing that it won't be the same as what it was adapted from. I go in expecting to enjoy it for reasons other than what I enjoyed what it was adapted from. The Expanse is a good example. The TV series is maybe a 7 out of 10 when it comes to being faithful to the books. I enjoyed the books. I enjoy the TV series. Both have their pluses. Both have their minuses. If I were one to get triggered by unfaithfull adaptations.....................................I wouldn't watch them.
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