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  1. Define issue. -Are you asking if it has widespread issues that were common? The answer is no. -Are you asking if there were the same random QC issues you will get with just about any product the answer is yes. Your chances of getting one with a QC issue are the same as with any/every other toy.
  2. I'd spend $450 on a Aoshima 1/48 before I would spend $450 on this thing.
  3. They could have cast The Rock. NO one would have noticed.
  4. Perfect Grade RX78-2 Unleased. I comissioned it. I don't have the paint skills. Or the time.
  5. Because I was asked......and to drive @no3Ljm crazy..........completed PG RX78-2 Unleased pics. Sorry no high def. Up next, PG Perfect Strike!
  6. It's been a minute since I read the books.........but that looks like a big departure to me. I really, really like the Expanse but the last season (the Naomi Nagata show) was a mess IMO. The book it was based on was balanced between everything that was going on because everything is important yo the story. The show spend way too much time on the Naomi Family drama and it took away from everything else. And then they jammed a TON of important stuff into the last 10min of the last episode that was hard to understand. I have GOT fears for the last season.
  7. sqidd

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm fine with one AX just to have the design. But, I'll get another and that armor. I passed on the last one because.....orange.
  8. Hold on, I have to go put some jeans on. BRB.
  9. An evil person got me re-interested in 1:18 cars again. A saving grace is I dug out some I have had for 15-20yrs that I don't care about at all and a few of them are worth $$$$$$. So I sold them. One of many inbound. It's almost impossible to get the General without chrome wheels (which they never were on the show). Stupid doors won't open though.
  10. Who am I kidding. I'll watch it..........when it's streaming.
  11. The correct answer for #13 is: Please produce the Hi Metal R Tomahawk. Please produce a 1/3000 SDFM SDF-1. Please produce a DX YF-21.
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