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  1. The standard color is blue? Is it blue on the show? I always thought it was black?? I certainly never thought it was THIS blue (if blue at all). Is this what is in that box? I'm not exactly thrilled with that. I like your black one better. Thanks
  2. We seem to have the same tastes a lot, but I have to disagree on this one. Fatlek was a terrible Batman (IMO). I didn't believe for one second he was Batman. Just some guy pretending to be. And his sheer laziness getting in shape for the role was disappointing. He had one of the best Hollywood trainers (Mat Damen's brother), ALL THE DRUGS (a staple of Damen's brothers training) and his mid section still had to be done with CGI to give him the appearance of Abs. IMO he phoned in his performance and phoned in his training. Weaksauce.
  3. How can you disagree? Are you saying he is confused and his joints are actually tight and the paint apps are good? You got a good copy. He got a bad copy. You can't claim it's a good figure. He can't clain it's a bad one. The only claim that can be made is their QC sucks and getting one is a lottery.
  4. Can someone help me out with the Aoshima 1/48 Airwolf options? I'm having a hard time decoding what color is what. Does anyone know what color this one is and how it compares to the show color? Thanks!
  5. Speaking of Blue Thunder. This just showed up.
  6. sqidd

    1/55's revisited

    There was a guy on FB selling them/ @DYRL VF-1S is probably going to be your best bet of finding him.
  7. It's nice to know the media being fear mongering and untrustworthy is nothing new.
  8. I was assuming that it was supposed to represent an early Batmobile design. Something that wouldn't be too far away from a regular car. A hot rod if you will.
  9. That was on the table for a bit. But holy smokes! Nowhere to put it!
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