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  1. Ten 19's!!!! I've only got 14 non VF-1 DX's. Sure!
  2. I just counted. Only 19 DX VF-1's. Not a problem!
  3. I only wanted 3. I have 19! Or is it 20?
  4. The way Hot Wheels scales their stuff it's probably an actual 1:14.587 scale. It looks like it's actually a Charger!
  5. The way things are going on the West Coast you may see that sometime in 2023!😲
  6. They probably changed the direction of the movie after all of the backlash that they got for replacing 007 with a woman. I agree that the Bond 007 was up and down and we're on the same page on what we liked and didn't. I'm certainly not going out of my way to see the new one. And I'll leave this here:
  7. Ooooo, you have the matt Black AW. I'm eyeballing one right now MISB. What do you think of the matt? Can you post some pics? Do you think you would lie the gloss black better? Is this the correct box for the matt? I got BT off AmazonUS. The maker is Organic (never heard of it before). I like it a lot. at 1:32 it's a great size and the detail is actually quite good. It's pretty heavy too. It's got that good diecast feel to it. I read a review that said the tail boom is angled up too far (it is) but I just pretend it's supposed to look like that. I like it. I'd buy it again. Linkypoo. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001JEO5ZC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. It doesn't matter how much you paid......if they never send it to you. Apply TF economics to Macross stuff doesn't really work. With Macross stuff a lot of the time you just have to embrace the suck. IMO the DX GBP set is worth every bit of $400 shipped. Heck, it's almost exactly the same price as the Yamato 1/48 was (adjusted for today's dollars). In reality the Bandai is quite inexpensive at retail. Paying a little over doesn't make it a bad deal.
  9. I tried looking for it recenty (not too hard though) to post up when a topic like this was brought up. Bobbly Skullface had a good video on 3P and knock off stuff, how they worked, how they were cracked down on, how they pop up under different names, etc. It was pretty interesting. A full documentary would be really interesting.
  10. If someone says something and someone else has a response to it that starts with "I disagree" the responder is disagreeing with what the OP said. In this case he is saying "I don't agree that yours is loose and has paint app issues". He may have not meant it that way, but that is what he typed. Yeah, I'm pedantic. We have three reviews now. Two bad.
  11. The standard color is blue? Is it blue on the show? I always thought it was black?? I certainly never thought it was THIS blue (if blue at all). Is this what is in that box? I'm not exactly thrilled with that. I like your black one better. Thanks
  12. We seem to have the same tastes a lot, but I have to disagree on this one. Fatlek was a terrible Batman (IMO). I didn't believe for one second he was Batman. Just some guy pretending to be. And his sheer laziness getting in shape for the role was disappointing. He had one of the best Hollywood trainers (Mat Damen's brother), ALL THE DRUGS (a staple of Damen's brothers training) and his mid section still had to be done with CGI to give him the appearance of Abs. IMO he phoned in his performance and phoned in his training. Weaksauce.
  13. How can you disagree? Are you saying he is confused and his joints are actually tight and the paint apps are good? You got a good copy. He got a bad copy. You can't claim it's a good figure. He can't clain it's a bad one. The only claim that can be made is their QC sucks and getting one is a lottery.
  14. Can someone help me out with the Aoshima 1/48 Airwolf options? I'm having a hard time decoding what color is what. Does anyone know what color this one is and how it compares to the show color? Thanks!
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