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  1. IDK how the CAN dollar is trading against the Yen but the US dollar to yen makes that a darn good price.
  2. The wifey pays for Peacock so I guess we're good when we start watching Yellowstone. I hear it's great. I started watching it. Seems like The Kids In The Hall to me (a good thing). I love how they even took a poke at Amazon by saying it was making a deal with the Devil. They were always edgy. Love it. The opening theme song zapped me back in time.........HARD. The 90's we're great.
  3. This social media sensation ran through the hot rod and mountain bike world like a firestorm. Both worlds I'm deep into. I'm like you. I don't do social media. Because I'm sane-ish.
  4. Good lord 1883 is absolutely incredible. It makes 95% of shows out there seem like they were made by a high school audio/visual club. The quality is absolutely off the charts.
  5. I'm with you. I never had an issue with the RE movies. Just good stupid fun. Shut you brain off and enjoy. I was entertained. And yes, as played out as zombies are. I'm still all in!
  6. Was anyone else thinking............that it was a little weird watching a love scene with two virgins? It certainly lasted longer than I expected.
  7. True. I could put my nerd hat on. But I think I'm just going to Send It. (you may be one of the few people on here that understand the reference)
  8. That's what international/travel credit cards with 1.5% cash aback and unlimited chargeback potential are for. So if I'm wagering that exchange rates are as good as they're going to get and I want to save the most I can on shipping paying fo the item now and shipping later is the hot setup then? Thanks for your help.
  9. Sounds like a smart way to run a business. It can get annoying though.
  10. So they will let you pay up front but pay shipping later? Thanks
  11. I've read a lot of industry articles on this recently. Netflix isn't going anywhere. They still own the streaming market by a huge margin. They will be re-organizing and tightening belts though. They have a very strange way of operating the business that worked until there was more streaming services (basically throw tons of money at everything). They're going to be doing things differently now. As far as Resident Evil goes. I don't see how it could be well done. Has it every been well done really?
  12. Now I'm considering getting a few of these. I've been poking around on the usual sources and I really can't come up with a bottom line cost because they will either charge you later (possibly losing the exchange rate advantage) or they don't quote shipping while checking out. What do you guys think the best source for these are right now?
  13. Good lord this show is all over the place. IMO it has more bad minutes than good by a pretty big margin. IDK why I'm watching it anymore. Well, I do. It's because I'm watching all of the good shows with the wife and when I want to watch something when she's not around I'm stuck with drek like this. If it wasn't "Halo" I would have turned it off by now.
  14. I'll wait to stream it for free. Or maybe just skip it all together. The Drinker is always right. The stuff he is complaining about is the exact stuff that drives me crazy. Too bad. It looks stunning.
  15. I can't see him as anything else but a dock worker from Baltimore.
  16. They're doing the old NY trick. So far they seem to be staying in their lane though. When they start overselling what they can get a hold of and not filling orders that will be when the slippery slope starts.
  17. If I were looking for a VF-1S Hikaru I would be very surprised if I had to pay less than that.
  18. Thanks fore posting! PO'd one for the standard Unicorn. Fingers crossed they do one for the RX-78 Unleashed, PG Perfect Strike and Zaku II also. May have to cross all of my fingers.
  19. You can sign up for alerts from Mandrake.
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