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  1. No kids..........the only mistake I didn't make.
  2. The analogy I like to use for GOT is this: GOT is like a fantastic whirlwind love affair that went on for 6 years. The 7th year was a little off and in retrospect you should have seen what was going on. 8yrs in you find out that this smokin hot woman that you are madly in love with has been cheating on you for two years. With the dumb kid that works at Starbucks. No matter how good the first 6-7yrs were you can't see or feel that anymore. It was ruined. On the subject of Star Wars.......I was never as invested as I was in GOT so I didn't feel the betrayal when the movies took a big steamy dump..........Remember when the prequels were thought of as the bad ones?
  3. If it was me I'd cut the tab off the wrong sided part and put the armor together (I think the bottom tab is the same on both). The leg armors are SOLID. I don't think you will even notice. That way you can at least dress it up and put it on display while thing are getting handled.
  4. A defect/QC problem has to happen more than once to be "an issue".
  5. I've got a SOC with the aftermarket thighs and I love it. Fantastic Voltron. I hope I don't regret PO'ing the Blitzway. I PO'd it through BBTS though. The reviews will be out before I have to pony up. I can cancel and lose my $70 deposit. Better than having a $700 toy I don't like anymore than the SOC though.
  6. I had a 1982 Mustang LX 5.0 that I bought in 1990 I think that had 130,000mi on it already. So of course I put a big shot of nitrous on it and slick and took it to the drag strip. I twisted the body so bad the doors wouldn't shut right anymore. I bent everything back into place and removed the door mechanisms and windows. It eventually got a roll bar and did a lot of good old school Detroit street racing. Ahhhhhh, to be young and dumb again.
  7. Get some of this. It's magic. https://www.amazon.com/kiki-Loose-Joints-Action-Figure/dp/B002LIBULM
  8. It's Gundam-e, but not a Gundam. I don't think it has a tie in with a show/movie.
  9. We're still not sure he's talking about the GBP. Kinda makes it hard to give a smart reply to the OP.
  10. Same for the Roy release. Maybe the new world economy is hurting scalpers margins?
  11. Good point. They are all sold out at retail. But some retailers do have new units still in stock (at above retail pricing). Then there is the secondary market where everything is available for quite a bit more money.
  12. You're going to need to be more specific. Is what sold out?
  13. KiKi joint tightner. I've tightened up old junky never been tight 1/55 Chinese knock offs with this stuff. It's fantastic. https://www.amazon.com/kiki-Loose-Joints-Action-Figure/dp/B002LIBULM
  14. The General showed up today. I'm a little ticked Auto World cheaped out and the doors don't open.
  15. You'll be back.
  16. All that work and the scaling is wrong. The Zentradi is closer to 7m.
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