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  1. Just finished Sqidd Game (see what I did there?). Not what I thought it was going to be and really liked it.
  2. I don't understand this concept.
  3. Yeah, they're officially unobtanium now.
  4. Ya know, I liked the 31AX when I got it. But, I'm REALLY liking it with the Supers.
  5. This sucker takes up some space in Gerwalk!
  6. Below is a video of what QC issues to check for. It seems to be hit or miss. I have one on PO from BBTS too. I figure that I'll take delivery of it and if the QC issues with the unit I get are worse than I can live with I'll return or exchange it. BBTS is really good about that kind of thing. The main reason I get stuff like this through BBTS.
  7. IMO the orange and blue works a lot better than the last one.
  8. I can never tell with these things. Is it a web exclusive?
  9. Considering what you're working with and what I'm guessing you want to end up with this sounds like the best approach.
  10. On a serious not. How do you find someone to act alongside Phoenix? The bar is high.
  11. At the end of the first movie the first thing I said was the sequel should be a musical.
  12. It's a Disney movie. They will destroy it like everything else they touch.
  13. Ever seen a Pitch Meting? Since when does making sense have anything to do with movie making?
  14. Also Batman v Superman.....and Godzilla vs Kong. I don't see them not having her team up with the Predator vs the colonizers. All sorts of message points there.
  15. I have a sickness. I'm pedantic.
  16. She's not going to beat the Predator. She's going to team up with it.
  17. I think Ragnarok is one of the best MCU movies period. But I only really liked Iron Man 1, Capt America 1 and Infinity War. The rest didn't do much for me at all. And the newer stuff is
  18. Whole bunch of 1/60's on the bottom rows.
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