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  1. Do people actually buy this stuff? I'm down for some really expensive toys. But multiple thousands of dollars for a garage kit? Even Bandai swings and misses on quality. Getting one of these things is a HUGE risk.
  2. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    I had them cancel one the other day and refund my money. I clicked on the item link (IDK why) and it showed in stock. I ordered it. Had it the next day. Goofy Amazon.
  3. Wife and I marathon'd it yesterday. I rate it with the other season. Entertaining and worth watching but nothing to knock your socks off. Except for the abs on gravity girl.......
  4. Has the standard finish been released yet?
  5. Those are the Medicom Real Action Hero's (15" tall). They're kinda junky. But they look nice. The Unit 01 Awakening and 00 are SUPER hard to get. I think they made 300 and 600 of them respectively??? Yeah, I CAD'd up a adapter for the YetiStand and my buddy printed for me.Pretty easy really. The stand that comes with it in one hand, a set of calipers in the other and 15-20min of CAD. I've done maybe 6-7 custom ones now???
  6. Moot point after I revisited @jenius review of the Arcadia Ivanov. Pretty damming stuff when you alreday own a couple Yamato's that are in great shape. Too bad. I like buying new toys!
  7. I forgot I didn't put this in here. Newly built/painted Yamato SDF-1 Assembly Kit (in movie pose) with the Arcadia PF. And yeah, yeah, I know this isn't Macross. But this is done (for now) since the Unit 13 showed up. These are the 15" tall RAH EVA's. I've actually got a custom cabinet being built right now for them that is 22" wider so I don't have to scrunch them up so much and I will be able to get Unit 09 out of the box so the whole line is displayed. The background/inside of the cabinet is going to be NERV HQ (pic below). I'm pretty excited about this one.
  8. Assuming that the exchange rate will be the same-ish when it ships/ card gets charged (should be close) with shipping that's $316. Not too shabby for an Arcadia. Unfortunately that is not DHL shipping in this listing. I'm pretty sure that's slow boat. For those of you that have paid your final total with DHL or FedEx shipping what was your total cost sitting on your doorstep? I'm having a really hard time with this one. I have two Yamato's on display and they look great. Do I really need Arcadia's and want to deal with selling the Yamato's?
  9. sqidd

    Hi-Metal R

    Man, I looked everywhere on his site aside from where that was! I'm having some resin VF-1 Atmospheric Boosters and launch vehicles made/painted by a guy out of Chile to display with my HMR stuff. I told him 1/91 scale. That's close enough. Thanks! These are the 3D printed versions so the surfaces suck and they don't look great. He assures me that the resin versions look fantastic. I paid through PayPal so if they don't I'm safe.
  10. You know it's going to be a great episode when you get this warning before it starts. And it was great (not just because if this moment).
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