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  1. So sad. Half the hinge on one of the wings for my VF-31 broke off. It was the first time transforming from battroid back to fighter. I am always gentle when transforming too :(
  2. I though NY would have some when I woke up but I see nothing! Is this the worst DX VF-1 preorder thus far? Sad to miss out on the one I really wanted, but glad I don't feel like a walking zombie before a long distance drive.
  3. I have a 10 hour drive tomorrow morning so I think I'm out this time. Hopefully I can grab one for a slightly marked up price somewhere when I wake up.
  4. Wow this is a gorgeous bird. I would not mind owning one, but right now is not a good time for me. Do you think it will be out of stock very soon? Or will it be around in 3 months.
  5. Haha sorry I've just only seen some pictures here and there, never a high-def video. I just noticed it was posted in 2019 ><
  6. Has this been posted yet? Apologize if it has. I'm excited
  7. Foblander

    Hi-Metal R

    How long would this fix last typically?
  8. Foblander

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks again for the heads up! Shipping, to me, was reasonable at 1,650 yen. Shipped out of Japan on Monday and arrived Wednesday. Very fast shipping
  9. Foblander

    Hi-Metal R

    I finally got my hands on the VF-1S Hikaru with Strike parts and it is sweeeet. I've always preferred my Yamcadia VF-1 toys bare bones due to how top heavy the strike parts made them feel. The ability of the HMR VF-1 to stand so easily with the strike parts on makes this a big deal for me. So much fun playing with the toy. Geez this line is pretty addicting lol
  10. Foblander

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks! Just bought it I heard EMS is having delays so hopefully DHL is better and not too much more for shipping ><
  11. That's unfortunate it wasn't improved upon. Thanks for the vid reference.
  12. Did Arcadia improve the ankles on the VF-19?
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