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  1. already done that with the Vajra queen and the Macross quarter! It last 10minutes though, facing 2 fighters
  2. I love the colors ! I don’t know yet if they will be available in Europe in bandai’s official resellers or not
  3. They existed as a plastic recast of the originals, I bought a set on aliexpress. This is why no one has made it on shapeways. You could check if they are still available. If not, it would be the occasion to put a model on shapeways. Let me know. That’s nice! I will probably grab a couple sets. Because they need little preparation and little paint for display ! if you can have a perfect mix to match the color of US grey like the spray TS-81, that would be perfecto!
  4. Perhaps this has been modified to obtain much beefier arms. I don’t know how much it will affect the look of the fighter mode
  5. It was pretty easy to pre-order a Vf1-31j with sound boosters. I am rather sure there will be a lot of spare at release.
  6. I don’t know when they have become available but they can save some time! I generally thin these paints with Tamiya Lacquer thinner (retarder type) and it works just perfect! I have never regretted using this thinner over the cheaper options such as acetone thinning.
  7. I use Motip primer now, I have had good results compared to Tamiyas. For the paint, I have switched from Tamiya TS spray cans to LP pots so it is easier to mix colors and airbrush it. I am stilling having strange issues and irregular results with acrylic vernish cans reacting with the paint though! 505thAirborne, sorry but it has been years that I haven’t designed such a big project, but I can see a few talented guys on Facebook.
  8. The red one was printed in white Pa12 (standard plastic) and the grey one was printed in MJF PA12 (grey plastic). They both need 3 passes of prime/sanding to obtain a smooth surface. Just take your time to smooth them before painting!
  9. Hi guys, thanks Jasonc for answering all the questions ! Mechapilot77, since I buy precut pins, I haven't adjusted / cut pins to the strict recommended lengths. for instance, if it is said to use 13mm long pins, you should be good with either 12mm or 14mm ones.
  10. Xigfrid

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I generally use the white PA which is the standard white plastic from shapeways or the grey/black plastic which is MJF plastic from HP. Both are as strong as injected ABS plastic used in “quality” toys. But because they are strong and have a natural grainy aspect, they are hard to smooth (and time consuming)!
  11. Xigfrid

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hi guys! I was catching up with the thread and then I saw a few hot answers about me. I really don’t mind if you want to buy the official version or my version, but as a Macross fan, I will at least buy one copy of Bandai’s speaker pod. That’s because I really like the speaker pod and I thought it had much more meaning with the general story than the default “drone chargeuuuh”. Also, I know that the official release will have clever mechanisms that will help me designing new customs This speaker pod hasn’t sold much in my shop. Where the weapons and custom missiles have sold 10x or 20x more! So I just hope at some point that Bandai release more weapon options, and I am sure it won’t disappoint in sales compared to this speaker pod.
  12. That’s really really nice! I haven’t finished mine yet but I can see how much love and work you did on the sanding alone! The weathering fits well this figure too! Great job!
  13. I can’t wait to see it finished!
  14. It’s looking great! I like the choice of colors
  15. @Lolicon I can find one for you if you are not afraid of painting a 3D printed valk
  16. @Lolicon, your frontier pictures are always amazing!
  17. Yes you can found these at custom car parts such as https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chameleon-Color-Changing-Tint-Vinyl-Wrap-Sticker-Headlight-Film-Car-Light-Lamp-/153488396871?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  18. That’s looking really great! Just a note about the head, there is a rail inside to put a plastic visor. You can cut it from any clear or colored “eating” plastic box. On the one below, I have used a chameleon colored plastic behind and clear plastic on top of this one.
  19. Wasn’t it @ChaoticYetiwho made a 3D printed replacement of this part?
  20. Ok! If you prefer the fighter mode, you can probably slide the head completely inside the cover after you take pictures of the battroid of course! Doing so can scratch a bit the head painting but the fuselage will be seamless.
  21. Which mode is your favorite?
  22. Nice pictures @Jasonc! Thanks for sharing your custom with us.
  23. I made some time ago an articulated hand that could retract in fighter mode. But seeing your photo, I think I can try to print a much larger articulated hand and see if I can fold it better. I just need to dig my 1st release VF-4 now !
  24. Xigfrid

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The 31 line was great from a mechanical point of view, the toy is solid and articulations are great. But they lack presence compared to the 25. The Delta valks, armor parts and supers can’t even compare to Frontier’s.
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