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  1. It still unclear how this Ghost X-9 will be released. Since I invested in a air brush, I can do the painting, but preparing (sanding/primer x3 times) takes too much efforts to be enjoyable when done multiple times. If I find a professional sandblasting service, open to sanding plastic parts instead of dental apparels, that would be a different story! If @valhary can make resin copy from a sanded/primed/clean set, then problems should be solved and the ghost could be a resin set. I am also investigating Chinese manufacturers to see if there is one which would be interested to make a toy/plastic kit out of it, and that would be the ideal solution!
  2. Amongst all your models for the competition, this one is my favorite, I love the details on the built
  3. @Chronocidal is right: the prototypes are printed in MJF technology from HP. The base material is PA12 which is the same material for SLS. Only the color is different, SLS uses white plastic and MJF use black plastic.
  4. That video is awesome! And after watching this, my conclusion is that I would be happy if the nose got a few tweaks: a bit longer, and a complete rework of the shape.
  5. Ho!! That’s hot news indeed! I will grab 2 if I can I was also betting on a fire valk, perhaps in the next 6 months
  6. That’s an amazing work! I wished I could do the same
  7. I have received all the parts today except for the wings! Damn, I don’t understand how I can forget to print the wings... mind you last time it happened was with the VF-9 cutlass! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no major error and only 2-3 minor things to fix. The ghost X-9 doesn’t look that nice in black, but will you believe me if I tell you that this mech Is amongst the sexiest ones.
  8. Mine from AE was flawless, I hope they have a positive look at your figure
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking, your printer is rough but it helps building something accurate, then when you are done with the global shapes, you can add as many details as the printing service will be able to render then print it! This is such a nice time where anyone is capable of making its dream come true Love 3D printing!
  10. The figures were purchased from this shop on Ebay: I recommend! The Forklift is from SIKU ref: 1722 and despite being labeled 1:50, it really scales well with 1:60 scale
  11. No but I could trade the translucent piece for the floor tiles if you want! @easnoddy this is a 3D printed and painted Cheyenne
  12. That’s proof that Bandai and Arcadia use the same factory!
  13. Nice! But who rides the VF-1J if Hikaru has a chat with Roy?!
  14. Looks like Mr K says he is happy of the result of the manufacturer. To me, it looks like the moment that Arcadia gets 10 complete units from the factory for the final quality check before the toy got produced and this color is spot on to my eyes!
  15. I can’t decide which plan is more amazing between the front group or the background display !
  16. Oh thanks for the explanation, I just hope everyone get their replacement then.
  17. I don’t understand the main issue preventing an easy fix by printing the ankle parts? Is there something I am missing that can’t be unscrewed (ala DX YF-19)?
  18. I have 2 sets, I wished shipping was less expensive so I could grab more
  19. I also wanted their 1/12 figure stands since I got a few figures to peg on it! But I think it is not released yet? Today i could spent more time on my sci-fi 03 sets and manage to create a few setups in the detolf. I love these things
  20. Acquiring a resin printer is a great move! If I had a place to put one I would have definitely bought one already. Nice 3D model, and I will have a look at Blender. I have learnt Rhino 3D and it just don’t come as efficient as Sketchup when it comes to use it for 3D printing. Rhino doesn’t have “component ala sketchup” and is a nightmare to make “parametrical” models.
  21. I just received mine and I got lucky and blessed by two symmetrical feet! What a relief. Mjne was sent by AE btw.
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