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  1. A few things have changed. Globally the global silhouette is more aggressive and a few details have been updated to better match the lien art. -global shape changed to be more aggressive -Sharon computer form can be put inside the X-9 -total rework of the landing gears: larger rubber, they now open in 2 parts, front gear can rotate and no metal printing anymore required! -new missile traps mechanism -fewer and larger missiles Overall the body will be more complex to assemble than the V1 (which used only 4 screws) but the level of details will be increased and the moving parts will be stronger.
  2. If you spray a clear coat, the fog/cloud will disappear from the super glued plastic. Try to mask as much as possible the other parts so you don’t overspray at unwanted areas.
  3. Perhaps someone can try to send a message to Mr.K so he can share a 3D file to print ourself, poor international customers. That’s one of the very benefit of the 3D printing technology!
  4. I will send 2 as soon as the design is complete then!
  5. I would gladly gather any info I can regarding the tabs. I remember well that the chargers had retracting tabs to connect into the feet holes. Great idea about making a complete charger with the attachment but... this will be kinda too big to be included with the missile i think.
  6. Latest updates on this SV-51 missile. The design is finished, now I only need to make the attachment to the bottom of the fighter, but for that I need to receive my Arcadia SV-51. I was also wondering if anyone still has the Yamato version, are the attachments for the Gun to the chargers the same for both versions or do they slightly differ? I can provide both attachments but I have no Yamato anymore
  7. A bit scary to see so many QC failures and great job @Mommar ! I still don’t know when my copy will arrive since it is on the ferry supposedly
  8. In the Digital cinema industry, they have the DCP (digital copy protection) system that does exactly that: each copy of a movie is sent through internet entirely encrypted with a unique key. Each theater has an identifier key that can be used to decrypt the movie, the file format also defines the conditions of use such as time validity etc
  9. I was thinking of a 3D file that could be sold be and be used only once to be printed. To be honest, I don’t think the STL files have this ability, and the industry doesn’t seem to be ready to accept anything more complex than it for now.
  10. I think also that shapeways will be too expensive for this size of toy. Plus it will add a lot of time to sprue everything to reduce the selling price etc I am also looking for a digital solution to sell my model so i could just bypass shapeways and offer 3D files instead. I am really looking forward if you can find a viable solution for option #3
  11. Got my notice from AE that the item is in stock and ready to ship. I will wait a bit longer until the armor parts are available to ship everything together.
  12. I opened only 1 set, which contains the 12 floor squares. But I am thinking of using part of my second set to make a mid-height stage using 4x floor squares and 4 pillars. @Saburo thank you so much for designing this set! I love cooperation between manufacturers and private hobbyists I wished I could order more floor squares separately.
  13. Got my 2 sets but couldn’t really play with them. At least I can attest that they fit into the Detolf perfectly I am curious to see others builds, I can imagine a lot of potential in these sets!
  14. The model is great! A lot of talent there for sure
  15. Try this https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/b48036a8c41d36f6df7909d88fc58ad6/Destroid-Monster?hl=en
  16. I have seen numerous Monster on the sketchup warehouse, they are free for personal use.
  17. Gonna have a look but I am afraid it won’t be very streamlined
  18. Woah nice diorama set! I love the small vehicles
  19. That’s a cool color scheme, my only grip would be the small fins emblems. I don’t know how you will do them, I am waiting for more updates!
  20. Xigfrid

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Whoa! Love these supers But I kind of think these nukes are not fit for the 31E
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