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  1. Comparison video I got the McFarlane figure, pretty good for the price. It's standard Marvel Legends style articulation, with a couple of differences in the joints, but articulation gets hindered by the bulk of the figure. ...didn't realize the chest was upside-down when I took the pic.
  2. It's possible the issue comes from re-scaling the model. Another factor could be the material they're printing with. Different materials can also affect tolerances. I can adjust the model, but I can only base it on test prints on my end. Although it's possible "just right" will also become "too loose/tight" on another machine.
  3. Super awesome! There's apparently a lot of shrinkage/expansion when the model's up-scaled - the "negligible" shrinkage on the normal size model got 2.7x worse on the giant print. Room for improvement on future projects, I suppose!
  4. I have an Origin of Valkyrie version of the heat shield. I could give it a try, but the curved shape will be very tricky to model - flat surfaces are much easier to work with.
  5. The restoration project has the weapons so far. They're free to download here: 1/55 GU-11 STL files 1/55 AMM-1 STL files I'm also planning on making "retro" UUM-7 pods, but I'm still not decided on the overall look (something between Yamato v1 + Yamato 1/48, or Imai).
  6. Thanks! Those look great! Sometimes, I wish I still had the patience to scratch build like that. Great work on the 3D model! They're printed with ABS, and it's working out well so far. Thanks!
  7. Currently doing R&D with these. Still tweaking the landing gear - they're pretty fragile and finicky to assemble. The paperclip is a key component (and for scale).
  8. I got the stuff from a local shopping app. Fairly reliable service, but questionable product origins haha. I wish my printer was the upgrade-able kind, this printer model's nearly 10 years old - "stone age" tech by today's standards.
  9. Thanks! I have no clue what brand the filament is - they don't even have the decency to put it on the spool label! Printer filament shortage = desperate times it happened to be available (and cheap), so I tried it out. On the bright side, it's pretty durable stuff. Probably great for low-detail or structural prints.
  10. Re: filament shrinkage/expansion. This guy, for example: The gray filament is a different brand from my usual, and it's horrible with expansion. I printed 2 sets, and I pretty much lost enthusiasm on the second one. I have no doubts if the gray parts were printed in the usual stuff, I'd have 2 ARMDs to attach to the SDF-1 right now.
  11. The model has 1:1 tolerance. There may be some shrinkage/expansion depending on the filament. The files were "optimized" for an FDM printer, I'm not sure how it behaves with a resin printer. I can send you the STL files as separate pieces, so you can re-orient/layout the parts for better printing. Thanks! I hope it prints successfully on your end.
  12. The GU-11 is up on Shapeways, for anybody who doesn't have access to a 3D printer and/or patience to "post-process" FDM prints. GU-11 Shapeways (Set screw and spring not included)
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