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  1. Looks REALLY good, if I didn't already have the SOC Bandai, I would pony up for this guy immediately! Not enough differences or improvements to replace my SOC though...
  2. Aztecs are going down beautifully over the LP-61 Metallic Gray!
  3. Matte color looks great, I'll pass on this one though. Just no room for anything new. Sold all my 25's years ago to pay off wedding debt, picked up the worldwide 1st release just have one which I'm fine with.
  4. @captain americaBeing one of the veeeery few who have the original smaller 3 kit set, (12 was it Cap?) I can't wait to see what you come up with on a newer better larger one!
  5. Navel and space ship yards UPDATE! I ended up going with Tamiya lacquer LP-61 Metallic Grey for NX-01 base color. I think it came out great. Also scratch built and installed two new bow planes on the Typhoon, got the Botany Bay built, puttied, sanded, primered and painted along with more painting on the Dallas! Busy weekend! Still absolutely LOVING the new Mr Hobby GSI Creos. 02 airbrush! Great for mottling! Stay tuned! 😁
  6. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    ......AND the skills of a master model maker!...Looks great @tekering! Can't wait to get to mine!
  7. OPINION NEEDED: Hull color for NX-01.... Spoons on the left are Alclad Stainless Steel (1st time using it, MAN, this stuff airbrushes like a dream but NOT cheap!) Top is over grey primer bottom is over gloss black. Spoons on the right are Tamiya Light Gun Metal from a rattle can. Top is over grey primer and bottom is over gloss black. While I like the Alclad, and think the ship WOULD look really cool with that color, I think it's to light and won't look like the CG model at the end of the day. The Tamiya color is the one I used on my little bitty 1/2500 NX-01 a few years back and really love how it came out with the azteck decals over it. What do you guys think?
  9. FOOOLZZZZ.... All shall bow before COBRA!!! I need a GI JOE episode expert to tell me which episodes and what all the accessories are from, I vaguely remember a couple but not all from watching as kid in the 80's. Can't figure out a way to have him hold the rifle yet.....
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