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  1. @arbit I think the glasses and everything else about Max looks BADA**!
  2. RIP Fred! Thanks for the laughs!
  3. I'm all in! Just let me know payment details!
  4. Love that Low-Vis grey! Great job!!!
  5. @Thom @arbit - you know.....I have the Bandai 1/500 in the closet...I need to tackle that sucker after the current project! @MechTech I vote painted and weathered to match the plane!
  6. PRE-ORDERED from Kappa Hobby. $225 Free shipping and no tax to TX. Can't beat that! LOVING WWM Macross releases so far!
  7. The fruits of my labor yesterday....Most complete mockup pics to date...A better man might light each single deck, but at this scale...I don't have the skill to do it. 1/200 would be another story. Each of the upper decks will get SOME light now though, and in the end I think it will be fine. Still a million things to do, but starting to feel slightly better about this whole endeavor! (saying that quietly, don't want to jinx myself)....
  8. I NEVER put that together!!! But in my defense, Boy Meets World was a little past my time.
  9. Noooo......I NEVER did that with the Best OR Service Merchandise OR Toys R Us OR OR OR.... bunch of OLD farts around here I swear..oh wait..
  10. @pengbuzzThe old Enterprise and Rickaru are look GREAT! SDF-1 never gets old that BIG! Great mods to that! Titanic UPDATE - Actual REAL progress today - Step 1 - Mark lines for additional spaces to cut for lighting to shine up. Step 2 - Drill guide holes using micro drill - Step 3 - Carefully cut out new holes using hot knife. BAM! Lots of new spaces for LED lights in hull to shine up through. Tomorrow... final small upper deck light blocking and more coloring of planks..UHHHGGGG. SOooo sick of doing that! ONWARD!
  11. Plug in gear like HMR's would be fine IMHO.
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