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  1. Ok, small Runabout update, this is a mock up of the base. The white paper represents where the glass printed picture will be. I also went back in and re sanded and repainted the sides of the nose for like the umpteenth time to try to get them to look seamless. Also the last pic is proof of concept that with enough lacquer thinner and qtips and time, I CAN save the Cat's Eye. This is one winglet stripped and patiently reprimed with light coats of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. You can still make out the rivets and panel lines. Stay tuned!
  2. Nothing new model wise to report, however today I spent all afternoon actually organizing all my supplies with some cool storage containers my mother in law hooked me up with out of her garage! Well, half of them anyway, the most used half....hopefully Runabout update tomorrow evening!
  3. @sqidd - thanks! It appeals the sh*t out of me to hear that! I'll check it out!
  4. Ok, thanks @borgified. I'll hold off for the TV lineup if they ever do it. I've convinced my wife to watch TNG with me, and were up to Season 5. She falls asleep about 1/2 the time, but she's getting into it more than I thought she would! I think I could talk her into the main characters at the EXO-6 price point.
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that.....I for one LIKE the giant balloon hands! There! I said it!
  6. Ok....Yeh, If it was his Season 4-5-6-7 TV uniform, with his jacket he occasionally wore on screen, I would be ALL in! I love the face sculpt!
  7. @Mintox - Perhaps just posting your work in the "What's Lying On Your Workbench" thread instead of starting a separate thread just for your current model would be a better and cleaner approach.
  8. @Mechtech - DEFINITELY go Tamiya for spray paint for models. They have a couple of great sandy colors. Never go Krylon IMHO. I love the Rust-O-Leumm spray paints, but it lays down thick and takes a long time to cure. For bases or light blocking it's great though.
  9. I've always loved that pic. Good job on the detective work @Shawn! I always wondered why the cannons were pointing down as well! @tekering- nice job! looks good!
  10. Runabout UPDATE! I got tired of trying to mix and airbrush an acrylic basecoat on a model this size. Sorry, don't have the time nor the patience! Congrats for those who can deal with acrylics on a large scale. I can't. So the Tamiya AS-16 USAF Light Grey spray can came out and bam - base color DONE! I'm happy to report the Runabout is now ready for what I call "the FUN part"! Detail painting (with Tamiya acrylics, great for that!) decals, weathering, etc! NO MORE putty, priming or sanding! Thank GOD! Already started on the bottom yesterday afternoon. Gonna need lots more Tamiya 18MM
  11. DHL came through with flying colors! Left box on porch without a signature as I requested. AE packaged well enough to suite me. TV Supers going on the 1J after dinner tonight! Good things come to those who wait!
  12. I really wish they'd gone the extra mile with the XL series and not just set the copier to 75% and hit go. Such a wasted opportunity. I don't have any as I just can't justify that price.
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