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  1. For a 1st build, that came out GREAT! I built one years ago and it was a struggle!
  2. Definitely not. Zent mecha would be really beaten up.
  3. @Kurt Oh wow, man that look amazing. LOVE the mud and weathering all over!
  4. I'm in for a Fire Valk HM-R! I'm not in the M7 haters group. It's silly fun.
  5. Can't wait to see this finished up!!!
  6. Never met anyone, younger than me (48) or even older than me, (my dad LOVED the 89 Batman, RIP), that didn't like that movie. It's just one of the all time greats no matter your age. Yes, I do love the first two Nolan movies as well, but 89 Batman is just more "fun".
  7. Academy 1/72 Superhornet UPDATE.. Finally! .... Aftermarket resin pilots are painted, decaled up with some leftover micro decals from other kits for helmet markings and in the plane with no trimming required!. First Flory's grime wash is down and drying.... Stay tuned!
  8. DAMN, those two look GOOD! Wish I had the room..
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