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  1. I think it's freakin awesome! Not my normal type of thing, but DAMN! Me like!
  2. Yeh, I just pre-ordered one. If this is the way they are going to go, more like the Bandai model kit route, I want to support them fully! Whatever gets us a GLAUG and QRAU!
  3. Dear Bandai... Your stands SUCK. Sincerely, EVERYONE.
  4. I guess I'm gonna have to pre-order one of these to try it out.
  5. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    That's fine and dandy with me! Bring on the set of two!!!
  6. Titanic update! Was out of town for a nice 75 hour work week last week, then Thanksgiving hosted by us here at our house and then getting all fall and Halloween decorations put away and getting Christmas stuff out.. PHEW... soooo model bench time hasn't been much of late... But anyway! Few things to share.. Main deck coloring wooden planks by hand...DONE. Magnets for holding ship to craptastic base from the 70s, DONE. Benches, all cut from sprue and painted along with all the winches for the decks... DONE... First few rigging lines that attach to main deck.. DONE.....Stay tuned!
  7. Wife and I watched Red Notice on our new 4K TV. It was very much a "turn off your brain and enjoy it" movie. Pretty fun actually, I'm in for a sequel.
  8. @Mog- COOL shot and poses. I have those 3 as well and need to get them all together on a shelf somehow!
  9. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    @Mommar - I'm worried about my HM-R Regults now hearing that... I've had them in the completely squated down legs folded up like they are in a hanger position for years now, I'm afraid to try to stand them up!
  10. WOOOW...10 hours later and I logged into BBTS, click, click BOOM! DONE! OMFG! HOW EASY AND GOOD DID THAT FEEL AFTER ALLLLL THESE YEARS!!! THANK YOU TO WHOEVER FINALLY MADE THIS A REALITY! Now......where's the PO button for Max's 29???!!!
  11. Having sold all my 29's a few years back to pay off some CC and wedding bills, I miss them so I am tooootally down for this!!!
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