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  1. Looks great @Chas! Back about 7 years ago I scoured the internet for some reasonable facimily of Macross pilots for my (still as yet not finishd) 1/72 Cat's Eye recon plane. I found two little resin 1960s French High Altitude pilots that looked cool from somewhere in Malaysia and ordered them. They still sit, painted, in the Cat's Eye waiting for me to finish the build, which I can do know thanks to a fellow MW member who recently made new canopies for me! Fast forward to me WANTING pilots in my 1/72 Academy Blackbird... I was looking for canopy masks on the interwebs and found a set on a French website. My eye just also happened to catch a link for... 1960s High Altitude Pilots..! I'm like.... OK, SOLD! So I finally got them from France today. Yup, exact same figures. Glued the arms on and after a bit of trimming.. BOOM! My SR-71 will now have more or less accurate looking pilots after I get them painted! 😁
  2. The lazy guy in me wants to just buy this, slap it together, panel line it, flat coat it and call it a day. The model guy in me wants to wait to see if they do the TV version.
  3. The man had a corner named after him on the Top Gear test track.....LEGEND by that fact alone! R.I.P. sir!
  4. WTF did I just watch???!!! Whatever it was, I love it!
  5. @VF-1A Grunt - Yes, you are correct now that I'm looking at on a 32" monitor. Was looking on my phone earlier. The Milia figure definitely is hand painted, very well I must say! I'm 100% with you on the bare plastic with a clear coat and decal possibility though!
  6. I was wondering if that's an actual model or is it a computer rendering??? It almost looks TO perfect ...
  7. The only thing the Arcadia 0D suffers from IMHO is not having the stubby wings like the HM-R does. It really does make a difference. It's like I never knew I needed that until I saw it on the the HM-R and was like --wow-- yeh that really works!
  8. Very cool looking ships there! Speaking of ships...I started the gun sub-assemblies for the Texas this morning, talk about eye strain jeeez...even with my magnifying glasses. I built one of each kind to prove to myself I could do it. This......might take a LONG time...LOL. Each gun is at least 2 parts, the quads have like 8 parts each, most with microscopic PE/plastic parts that are hard to hold with my best and smallest tweezers. The below took me over 2.5 hours to do...I have to make FORTY TWO of the single 50 cals, and I think eight and twelve of the the others..Lord help me..
  9. Looks like a 1/60ish - to 1/72ish DX to me. Which isn't exactly a bad thing I suppose...I might have to get one to see if it can take down the mighty Yamarcadia's as my forever favorite Valk line...I wouldn't ever replace them all at this late stage, but it might be worth having the ThreeZero one to play around with.
  10. Cockpits look exactly like ALIENS Colonial Marines dropship.
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