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  1. I can't wait to see one of these decked out in a cool dark paint scheme or camo/low vis scheme with a sh*t-ton of guns and missiles hanging off of it!
  2. "We're in the endgame now".....After 1 1/2 YEARS of work...hard work, setbacks, figuring out how to make a kit designed in the 70's by hand and re-popped in the 90's go together halfway decent, the Titanic (hiiiighly modified to accommodate lighting) and photoetch...sooo much photoetch.... is almost ready to set sail. I figure 3 to 4 more full days of work (mostly rigging) and getting her on the stand and wiring finished up to get her ready for the reveal on Christmas Day to my father-in-law. Final pics soon!
  3. COOL! I'm ALL in for a recon pod!!!
  4. Did the same guy who directed Bumblebee directing this? I remember he had a hard core love for the series and Bumblebee was pretty darn good.
  5. @nightmareB4macross - awesome pic/work/play area! LOVING the old school JOE'S! I had the checkpoint and the tent as a kid! The playsets were just the business back in the day! The Televiper was one of my favs too!
  6. Wife and I tried 1899 last week and got 3 episodes in and yeeeeh...NOPE. Just don't want or need to see 2 dudes yanking each other off through an iron gate. LOL. Man, those crazy Germans...LOL. Just a bit tooooo out there for us and we like out there.
  7. THIS! Right HERE! Totally should have spun it somehow that the two were interconnected somehow! Still, I like this epiosode, it's just CREEEEPY AF. Kinda like a good old X-Files episode!
  8. @mikeszekelyAwesome review!!! I LOOOOOVE my TE-01 with cell shaded front window decals, but I gotta admit, MS-02 looks darn good!!! Christmas present to myself perhaps???.....
  9. Now we're starting to get excited for this! Also had my first trial run at making "The Marconi Array" today which was suspended between the masts for radio signals. Not bad for a 1st attempt me thinks! I'll plan about 3 hours to do for real eventually on the ship. Getting closer!
  10. @wm cheng Your Phantome looks AMAZING sir!!! WOW! Always a pleasure to see the master at work! In answer to your question, the line I'm using is called E-Z Line. Model Railroad guys use it for lots of things apparently (those guys know A LOT!) It is stretchy to I believe almost twice its length without breaking, it's really pretty cool stuff. Lots of forgiveness for noobs like me who have never done rigging before!
  11. All good ideas, I use a paper clip at bent a 90 degree angle snipped off to whatever length I desire in a pin vise for CA glue applications of small parts. Actually, this morning I updated my method even more, now only using Tamiya tape cut down to the exact perfect size in order to make the line lay down flat across the hole. Also switched to my Ultraviolet CA glue. This stuff is AWESOME! If you haven't tried it, do so! No chance of getting the line IN the hole, that just wasn't ever going to be an option because of the 70's design of the kit and how I had to build it to light it. Anywhoooo...3 of 4 funnels now completely done, only half of one funnel remaining for the lines to the deck! WHOO HOO!
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