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  1. Hindsight being 20/20, it might have been interesting to see what Johnson would have done given command over the whole sequel trilogy from the get go and more free reign with the scripts. He's obviously not a bad director. Haven't started Andor yet, but I'm going to dive in this week hopefully.
  2. Did anyone buy from Kappa Hobby and if so have you heard anything from them?
  3. Got this from Amazon a day early! Popped in Disc One Season One last night with the wife. All I can say is - It's never looked better. (When upconverted via a 4K Player to a 75" 4K TV) Sound is DTS-HD 7.1 and it kinda is what it is on the pilot, but oh man!, somebody in the audio editing booth had fun and cranked ALL the surround channels to 11 for this mix!
  4. Agreed. Never cared for the supers on the 29's. Just takes away from the sleek aircraft look IMHO.
  5. Shipyard was busy this weekend....Starting to kinda sorta see the light at the end of the tunnel here...maybe..
  6. @electric indigo - That looks like a real airplane dude! Great work as always!!! I too would like to see a shot of your entire collection properly displayed!
  7. Amazon still has this with Prime shipping in the US apparently if anyone missed out.... https://smile.amazon.com/Tamashii-Nations-Absolute-Durandal-Maximilian/dp/B09YT84WJ5/ref=rvi_sccl_1/142-1236103-0727000?pd_rd_w=5NQhe&content-id=amzn1.sym.f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_p=f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_r=H7BS7MEMFC6FQKNACFYW&pd_rd_wg=YDSIO&pd_rd_r=0b310964-c45e-4556-a1a9-7374971cfa35&pd_rd_i=B09YT84WJ5&psc=1
  8. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    If anyone still wants or needs this for the absolutely ludicrous price.... https://smile.amazon.com/Tamashi-Nations-Macross-Phoenix-HI-Metal/dp/B0B23ZMHYZ/ref=rvi_sccl_2/142-1236103-0727000?pd_rd_w=5NQhe&content-id=amzn1.sym.f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_p=f5690a4d-f2bb-45d9-9d1b-736fee412437&pf_rd_r=H7BS7MEMFC6FQKNACFYW&pd_rd_wg=YDSIO&pd_rd_r=0b310964-c45e-4556-a1a9-7374971cfa35&pd_rd_i=B0B23ZMHYZ&psc=1
  9. I didn't notice any changes as far as the special effects go. There might have been a few extra seconds added to a scene here and there, I'm not an expert on the film, but nothing that stood out to me like "Oh wow!, I don't remember that scene!" Still one hell of a ride. My wife had never seen it, so we watched Space Seed a couple of nights before we went to the theater for WOK. She said she was glad we did that. I got my 4K BluRay of TMP Directors Cut in the mail and OHH MAN, there are some soft focus scenes but they were there in the theater as well, overall the video transfer is very good, but the AUDIO is outstanding! WAY better than the theater we saw it in. The opening Klingon/Cloud scene alone had me sold! I don't have Dolby Atmos, but I do have a very good 6.1 system and in Dolby TrueHD 6.1, the surrounds are all VERY well used as well the LFE channel. Highly recommended! Makes me kinda wish I'd just bought the 1-6 Box Set!
  10. Three episodes in and I'm still loving this show. Just turn off your brain and enjoy. Chozen goes HARD! Love that guy!
  11. I mean it may turn out to be complete crap, but that's a pretty good damn trailer IMHO. And the Titan????...Ok.....Buuuuuuuuuuut whyyyyyyyy can't we get the Enterprise F on screen FINALLY???!!!!
  12. @pengbuzz -Duuuuude...that really sucks man!!! So sorry to hear that. Hopefully all of it works out for you compensation wise. In other news....got some more PE railings done last week and weekend along with some more parts down on on the top. LOTS of cleanup and puttying to be done yet, and lots more railings and more little parts and ohhh yeh...THE RIGGING...dear Lord help me....but slooooowly getting there me thinks!
  13. I liked "The Game" because...young Ashley Judd. Period. There is NOTHING more to discuss. 😍😍. In other news the wife actually TOLD me to buy the upcoming re-release Box Set of Next Gen on Blu-Ray so we'll have ALL the episodes to go back and watch someday...Ummmm..OK! Didn't have to twist my arm on that one! Releasing on 9/20!
  14. I can't LIKE this enough!!!! Come on Bandai!!! HMR THIS for us!!!!
  15. I've seen it once in the theater, but like you, I am going to OWN the 4K BluRay on the release date and try to destroy my home theater speakers in the following weeks... "Honey???...Ummm we now NEED to buy a new Dolby ATMOS receiver and ALL new speakers!!!..."
  16. derex3592


    Very cool idea and very nice build!
  17. Ok, good, it's not just me....
  18. COOL! @tekering Very nicely done! Sorry if I missed that earlier in the thread.
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