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  1. Those pilots came out looking really good.
  2. Looks a lot better than the original. I have a few originals and might want to take your approach.
  3. That is looking great. Where did you get the Lunk? Did you make him?
  4. I found it on France's eBay site. I searched under Lansay Gakken. Since I had just found out that the Beta's production had been initially canceled. That is until Lansay was able to work out a deal and sold them in France. The seller had the Beta and Alpha listed and I was able to work out a deal for both. I did end up spending a lot less than the current American eBay prices. I had a little doubt that this deal was real and maybe it was too good to be true. But I can say that I did get lucky and am fortunate enough to be one of those that has one now. There is a rumor that a blue, red and green pre-production models are out there and were "Made in Japan" Since I do have a 3d scanner, and a 3d printer, I will most likely end up scanning the Beta and printing a Red and Green one to pair with the ones I have. The red one is missing the head, and the green one has really loose joints. But I'll figure that out when I cross that bridge.
  5. I was at Frank and Sons Saturday. I saw them and the price was way too high. I just got the gakken Alpha and Beta for a lot less than that vintage ride armor on the left. I am still on the hunt for red and green 2 packs.
  6. I forgot that it was a commission. I can see why you are tasked to get it done.
  7. I do have a 3d printer and a DYRL pilot I can print the helmet of.
  8. Do you have macross heads for the pilots?
  9. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a tax break for it since I got it for work.
  10. I have the Moscato version. I really like his attention to detail. Wish I could have grabbed a lot of his older kits back in the day.
  11. Great work so far. The stand is nice too.
  12. Very cool. I actually bought an Einscan SE scanner. These things are awesome
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