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  1. Would Miriya be included in this one too? I missed the original one
  2. I really like the base. It came out great
  3. I have my Wave kit in the mail. I can't wait to get it. It's been a while since I really built a model kit.
  4. I was wondering why I couldn't log on. I somehow missed this. I'm good now
  5. Those pilots came out looking really good.
  6. Looks a lot better than the original. I have a few originals and might want to take your approach.
  7. That is looking great. Where did you get the Lunk? Did you make him?
  8. I forgot that it was a commission. I can see why you are tasked to get it done.
  9. I do have a 3d printer and a DYRL pilot I can print the helmet of.
  10. Do you have macross heads for the pilots?
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