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  1. Would Miriya be included in this one too? I missed the original one
  2. I really like the base. It came out great
  3. I have my Wave kit in the mail. I can't wait to get it. It's been a while since I really built a model kit.
  4. I was wondering why I couldn't log on. I somehow missed this. I'm good now
  5. Those pilots came out looking really good.
  6. Looks a lot better than the original. I have a few originals and might want to take your approach.
  7. That is looking great. Where did you get the Lunk? Did you make him?
  8. I found it on France's eBay site. I searched under Lansay Gakken. Since I had just found out that the Beta's production had been initially canceled. That is until Lansay was able to work out a deal and sold them in France. The seller had the Beta and Alpha listed and I was able to work out a deal for both. I did end up spending a lot less than the current American eBay prices. I had a little doubt that this deal was real and maybe it was too good to be true. But I can say that I did get lucky and am fortunate enough to be one of those that has one now. There is a rumor that a blue, red and green pre-production models are out there and were "Made in Japan" Since I do have a 3d scanner, and a 3d printer, I will most likely end up scanning the Beta and printing a Red and Green one to pair with the ones I have. The red one is missing the head, and the green one has really loose joints. But I'll figure that out when I cross that bridge.
  9. I was at Frank and Sons Saturday. I saw them and the price was way too high. I just got the gakken Alpha and Beta for a lot less than that vintage ride armor on the left. I am still on the hunt for red and green 2 packs.
  10. I forgot that it was a commission. I can see why you are tasked to get it done.
  11. I do have a 3d printer and a DYRL pilot I can print the helmet of.
  12. Do you have macross heads for the pilots?
  13. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a tax break for it since I got it for work.
  14. I have the Moscato version. I really like his attention to detail. Wish I could have grabbed a lot of his older kits back in the day.
  15. Great work so far. The stand is nice too.
  16. Very cool. I actually bought an Einscan SE scanner. These things are awesome
  17. I have a couple extra figures I had in storage. The boxes have some damage, but the book and figure is in great shape. I think $25 plus shipping is a fair price.
  18. Hey folks, I am looking looking for the Henshin Robo, Gakken toys from the 80s. Specifically the cyclones and alpha combo packs. Any help or leads is appreciated
  19. I'm excited to see what you do with it.
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