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  1. Never thought about "on what." A 1/72 scale box art would probably be cheaper to ship.
  2. Can someone get me an autograph? I'll pay for the service.
  3. Is there a high interest in these kits, or just a few people here and there? If someone spends the $5 grand on the 1/32 Legioss, is there enough demand to make the purchase worth it?
  4. Yea, after I didn't get an email from their last run, I would check periodically, once it was mentioned that it would be released again, I checked every other day. I was lucky since it sold out in 1 day.
  5. Wow, I missed the last run, I couldn't miss this one. I checked every other day, so I'll consider myself lucky.
  6. An update. Neptune Models has 2 more available in the starship modeler store. I just picked 1 up just now.
  7. That's cool. I like the way you integrated the colors just right.
  8. Nice. I'll start checking it every day, twice a day. Lol.
  9. Excited to see this. I'm always missing the casts from Neptune models. Hope I can get in on the next one.
  10. Recasting has been frowned upon and it goes against forum rules. That being said, I'd be in for one if someone finds the rare kit and manages to recast the recast (whatever the case may be) Business like that would probably need to be done outside the forum since I'm sure there's a few "intellectual property) trolls lurking around.
  11. Hey Mech, Nyankodevice, if you need a hand with this, I can offer some help. I run a CNC Lathe at work and have a very lenient supervisor. BTW, MechTech, you have PM
  12. This is going to be one aswesome kit once it's done. Looking forward to more.
  13. Great build. I would love to see the Jacob's ladder idea incorporated somehow.
  14. Styrene is a good material that is strong and easy to work with. Have you looked into maybe changing the nozzle of the extruder on the printer?
  15. I'm in once you get the kits going.
  16. Did I just watch that? Yes I did.
  17. It's a shame. I have nothing but respect for PetarB. Hopefully he can jump on here and update us all on the pilots.
  18. Great work. I have kits sitting for almost a decade, so yea, better late than never.
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