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  1. More people have cable or dish these days. Backbone the late 90's things were still ramping not as accesible to young kids. They were watching pizza cats and sailor moon on regular tv. Lol I do agree that frontier would be a better choice. Even Plus on a weekend special type deal. Attack on Titan is real close to an R rating, and kids love. My nephews can't get enough. All the blood and people getting killed three me off when I first saw it. A few of my nephews (15+) stay up to watch adult swim. So instead of kickstarter academy, they could have done a kickstarter to try and get frontier over here with 100 percent transparency on their efforts.
  2. Nothing wrong with the Palladium books, I have a few myself. Haven't played in ages though.
  3. Can someone explain what happened between those 2 companies please. Seems that we can't get macross over here because of their beef. I'm sure that it didn't revolve around macross entirely.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for sharing the pics. How's the level of detail?
  5. Not officially. A quick Google search yielded 2 images, one looks like orgus design and the other an alpha. But nothing on robotech.co
  6. That's a nice SDF there. Can I see pics of the kit?
  7. So glad this kept me busy at work. Thanks for the popcorn Exo, the unknown facts (unknown to me) Seto, and everyone else who made me laugh and cringe. This thread was fun.
  8. Still not locked? I guess I'll store my popcorn for a while, at least until HG decides who to blame.
  9. "noble defeat" I don't think they have an ounce of nobility in them to even accept defeat. Just name the other people. Just like that girl who hit a bicyclist, she was texting when she hit the guy and left him paralyzed. She complained about the dent the guy put on her car. Not even a sorry. She straight out said she didn't care about him.
  10. I thought that carl kept the Academy mostly secret and didn't share much information on it. How could they work on it for years? And yea,if the did, why did it seem that nothing was planned out? Why not show some original sketches or macek's own notes and brainstorming. Bunch of BS
  11. [quote name="JB0" I REALLY wish I'd saved the photo of the Robotech ad at Mr. Macek's funeral. Because GOD DAMN. This one?
  12. It is surprising that they have finally decided to face some of the truth, but as usual, some will take things out of context and change the meaning of things.
  13. I am a firm believer that there should be some level of respect for those who have passed on. The post was a joke, in bad taste for me. Whatever happens with HG from here on out, if they keep the same clowns, it will never bring out any new animation. We all, or most, agree that someone needs to get canned over this failure and even worse way to cancel the KS.
  14. If anything is to come of all this, HG's executives, might only be one, should reconsider the direction robotech has gone. The shameful "do it for Carl" shows hoe much they respected the guy. Come up with something on their own, and "make Carl proud"
  15. Yup, best way to describe their failure. Hey, I alone would fill that car. and I aint no clown either. lol You're gonna get a C&D from HG...
  16. That is a really good color. I looked at the spoons and wondered for a second why you would paint spoons. Then it hit me! I did the same thing years back when I was actively modeling. Hahaha
  17. Man, so sorry it didn't last longer. It was entertaining. I've learned quite a bit from Seto. I re watched Frontier and do see the connections to Zero now. It was right there, in MY FACE! Thanks for the popcorn guys, can't wait for the next one in 5 years.
  18. 180? Woa. That's a lot of cash down the drain. Hell, I'll go work for them and do nothing, blame everyone else for my mistakes and throw out cheap products at you.
  19. Could it be that these guys do it as a hobby and have a full time job somewhere? WOuld explain a lot. But I do know one thing, people have gotten canned for less. It has all been said already. Then HG will sue them for it
  20. Very true. I never thought of it that way.
  21. I just saw an Australian guy decant some primer into an empty tamiya bottle. He says that after you fill the bottle, to stir it to remove the gas. Once all the bubbles are gone, you can store it. Another guy says to leave it for an hour open.
  22. That is funny EXO. I've tried and failed miserably the first couple of times. Paint all over the place, overspray everywhere! Hahaha.
  23. Potential, yes, I do think the idea has potential. But not in the hands of HG, and not as robotech. It's your simple generic anime formula. An empowered kick ass female, a genius, the hero who is somewhat in between a child and an adult, big boobs, students, underage panty flashes, and robots. Don't forget to tease the audience with love interests that won't get anything done until someone gets hurt or killed. Ta Da! Instant classic that nobody will remember in 20 years, unless it's got 500+ episodes.
  24. Yea, Google translation word for word. C'mon. "fans" shouldn't be fans, it should be "aficionados" That's just me reading a few lines. Seto- wow. I must've not watched it with a clear head then. Lol. Maybe a drunkards afternoon? I don't remember. Hahaha
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