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  1. Seto- I'm gonna have to watch it again (gladly I might say) I honestly didn't pay close attention to frontier's subtle details. But I do agree, way better than anything HG has put out. I was gonna ask why Shadow Chronicles got such a bad rap, then I watched some scenes on youtube. Yea, that's why.
  2. Seto - I've seen frontier, I do remember the movie they filmed. But what I'm talking about is that there is no connection to the birdman and/or witchcraft outside of retelling the story. In the other series, there is no birdman appearances or a witch with supernatural powers. The AI in Plus or the technological special effects don't count. Agent- the signed print is a poster on canvas not the comic. I can get a high quality scan of it, clean it out and have my wife print it on canvas and sign it myself. Hahaha
  3. I enjoyed zero's story, for the most part. I didn't quite like the witchcraft and the birdman. There was no connection to macross to either of them after in any sequels. If a KS from HG was introduced to tell about the anti unification wars, or their own back story to the masters and incident wars, then I'd back it. Obviously, given that they plan it out better than this Academy.
  4. Someone commented that HG had the rights to use the macross characters and designs. Really? I guess some people hold on to their wrong beliefs, even in the face of the truth
  5. I agree with skullmilitia. HG has distribution rights, take full advantage of it.
  6. Hey, maybe some new grad from a trade school can take the job on. Heck, he can't do any more damage.
  7. I say the KS ends at 250,000 (+/- 5,000) Hahaha. C'mon HG, swallow your pride and make amends,and clean slate the franchise
  8. The problem is that HG doesn't give a hoot about the website aside from the store.
  9. I responded thru my cell phone. There's no "quote" option on the mobile site. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Yes, a clean slate with some of the same staff members. Not all. ... Mass suicide would be too much. I don't wish anyone ill will like that. Loose their jobs for incompetence, most defenetly.
  11. If I was in charge: Get rid of the marketing manager(s) There was a lot of questions by backers and potential backers that just went unanswered. If I'm paying you to market my products, you better believe that customer relations play a huge role. Re evaluate what the creative team has done. The team didn't do much in "creating" new designs. Seems they had no idea of hat to do so they stepped real close to infringing some copywritted material. Continue with the comics that are already in production (Voltron crossover) But stop any new project from being started. If possible, have a heart to heart with people in Japan and apologize (if need be) for the mess that was generated. See about rewriting the contracts to where both sides would be pleased and HG could continue a story line using original IP. Stop teasing fans, stop silencing their voice of malcontent, begin to make amends with them all. Find tried and true artists to become consultants. This "get along gang" known as HG isn't working.
  12. Take it as a learning experience. Good and bad. What I would suggest is to print out or find an illustration of scales. I have one with a person that shows the sizes in the most popular scales. If you are staying from scratch, I say you don't use epoxy. Instead, use modeling clay or styrene. Working with wood will require you to buy, or obtain some tools for sanding. There WILL be a lot of sanding, for days, then primer and sanding, then primer and sanding. Captain America works with modeling board.
  13. Could we have a kickstarter to entice Frank @HG to replace his creative team. Then maybe they can get somewhere with the franchise
  14. I see HG like a spoiled kid. Kisses your butt to get something it wants (cash for ks), when you don't give them anything, throws a tantrum (brings out the ban hammer)
  15. Someone (madsaguirre) at the robotech forum just got hit with the "BAN Hammer" (from Kevin) for "trolling" Hahaha.
  16. At this point, I'm sure that HG will not put in much more effort. I will be surprised if they show more mecha the last few days of the campaign, How about "macro" as in macro photography...
  17. If the Academy will be done without reaching the goal, could it be that HG was gauging the serious interests of the fans? Like a test to see where they really stand?
  18. I just saw that you tube video. Stupid long if you ask me. So i skipped to minute 46 for the "reveal" HOLY mother of God!!!! How can someone even walk through there. Dude, clean yer room if you're going to show the world where you stay. Wow! I'm blown away. I will be seeing him on cable a few years from now. In "Hoarders!"
  19. looks really similar to the stealth drone the military uses. I just woke up from a coma induced popcorn frenzy! Hahahaha. I'm sure that there are still a lot of it to go around. Is that "grumpy bear" or "laugh-a-lot Bear?" a care bear on 'roids!
  20. "CD's?" Shoot my dad gave me a Twisted Sister vinyl album a few years ago. Hahaha Maybe if Kevin gets fired over this, some macross fan might get hired in his place.
  21. Seems that the mecha designer just goggles "awesome mecha" then puts together the parts he likes. The anime world is full of mecha and robots, it would be hard to find something 100 percent unique. But, that being said, they can come up with something that doesn't look like a rip off. "guys, pass the popcorn"
  22. Some of the guys involved do seem like genuine folks. So how does HG fail so much? I doubt it's the minions working behind the scenes (if they do have a staff) How can I put this without sounding like a jerk... Tommy Yune is no public speaker, Kevin is no marketing genius, Whoever is coming up with the new concepts needs to go back to trade school. They have a good CG team, but I feel that their designs and some of the animation is rushed. Given enough time, things would look better. Just looking at Robotechx's videos, there is a part where the moon executes a fold as seen from the mars surface. It was actually pretty good in comparison to the other CG we have been shown.
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