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  1. How's this, everyone here pitch in $1.00 to the campaign then maybe they will shut up about "robotech haters" At least we can say we backed them.
  2. No new YouTube videos on the Academy? I don't need a box set. What I need is macross box set. All of it. Not just the original.
  3. I thought about that too. But instead, I went out and bought one from my local KFC. Haha
  4. Just checked the kickstarter page. No updates. They should have a longer Q & A. But, it's pretty smart on their part really. Best way to avoid the hard questions.
  5. Get yer popcorn ready! This kickstarter was funded and the film was made. All for what HG has backed already! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1094772583/the-canyons
  6. Hahaha. How I wish that Cesar would be allowed to finish his fan film. He did everything right, even put a disclaimer in the beginning. I'm sure our Latin American brothers would support the Academy if it wasn't for that cease and desist letter.
  7. Don't forget "slender man" and how he convinced all of us to "kill" a robotech purist or we would pay dearly for it. (all that through the power of the Internet)
  8. Wait, I read the interview with Tommy and he mentions that the Shadow Chronicles was a great success. In that case, where's the rest if it?
  9. I've responded more to this topic than any other one. Unless the announcement is about the live action movie finally starting filming, I doubt this pilot will go anywhere. As dad as it will make me, I hope HG relinquishes it's rights on the franchise. Sorta remind me of Donald Sterling and the Clippers fiasco. Fighting tooth and nail. Maybe someone can get a doctor to deem HG incapable of properly managing macross.
  10. Since I don't have buckets of money to spend on anything other than rent, I will take Memo's video service and watch it on youtube. I want to see if any backers will show up and ask the hard questions. Or will they be banned from the panel too?
  11. Nice setup. Very well put together. Give yourself more credit. Love your blog. You have great skill.
  12. So, what they want is for my friends, family, and myself to dig into our wallets and shell out some hard earned cash. Let's put it at an even $40 each. With the economy the it has been the last few years, and the unemployment a lot of people have struggled through (myself included) they expect us to work 5 and a half hours (at the 7.25 federal minimum) to fund a pilot? Can't they say that if half is funded, HG will fund the other half or something. Even this guy had better imagination...
  13. BTW, why does that ship look familiar? I can't pinpoint where I have seen it.
  14. True, but I am simply looking at it from an outsider point of view. If the kickstarter was similarly proposed as the "redo everything" idea, HG would have probably meet with less resistance. At least it would show that they were actually using their brain for the idea, planned it out and had a direction for their vision of the academy. Instead, they show a few character sketches, and a bunch of youtube videos. It just puts them in a bad light. No organization, no clear vision for the project, nothing. If they are saying that it's for a pilot, THEN we will see IF it gets picked up by a network, they already have sunk their own boat by not showing enough confidence in their (oops, "Carl's" ) idea. If they had such expectations of fans saying "take my money" then they would be more confident. They would approach it in a way that gave everyone reassurances. Something like this: We are asking for the Robotech and macross fans alike, for their support in helping us launch a new Robotech story. (present the McKinney type slide show) We are using kickstarter to give the fans a voice. Although the main plot has been laid out, the fans, through a "backer only" forum, can express their ideas and how they would like the characters to grow. This will be for backers that pledged (place a dollar value here) or more. Through the effort of the fans we will let the networks know that Robotech is still alive and strong. When the new series is picked up, the fans will know that they had a lot to do with it. Something to entice the backers to give more. As a stretch goal or something, maybe offer them massive discounts on the new toy line or something. HG has to give people the confidence to open their paychecks without a court order. My 2 cents anyways.
  15. I actually like the proposal. It is fully thought out and gives more than the kickstarter updates. That is what HG needs. Someone with a clear vision of what they want. Not just " big reveals" and "carl's dream" so forth and so on.
  16. That sucks. Hope it gets taken care of soon. Nothing beats sleeping on your own bed under your roof.
  17. yea.. no. Not gonna happen. At least not in the U.S. The FAA has certain crash requirements for passenger survivability. Even on short flights, planes travel way above what any human being could survive in a fall. What's next? hand holds for standing passengers?
  18. Maybe they should fire their creative consultants, and the marketing genius. Go back to the drawing board, and actually listen to what fans have to say. #1 open up the macross blockade and let it reach the fans. HG could pick up royalties on it. #2 if the Academy is for the fans, then, why not set up a brain storming panel and actually run through ideas and questions the fans have. Then, build a show from there. They will get their investments back even if they sell box sets only. #3 please, please, please, let the good Mr. Macek rest in piece. Don't cine up worth crappy ideas and say they were his. HG has a good CG company they can use to revamp the Robotech series. Now, all they need is a different set of creative minds.
  19. Holy cow, is what "dawn of the planet of the apes" is all about? Really? These space monkeys will attack a bunch of kids. Ok, I'm sure that the original characters from sentinels will not be used. They will come up with more humanoid characters. I hope.
  20. That's what I'm talking about. That 1940's Mickey Mouse eyes. Just a black dot and a hint of white to simulate a reflection.
  21. Following very closely. Keep up the motivation and see this through. Take one for the team...
  22. Some of the CG shown so far has not been up to the Creavision standard really. I've seen better CG in Battlestar Galactica (the original) Why does the ship resemble the sdf-3? Is it that they have no idea on how to improve on their designs. Anyway, If this fails, my condolences will go to Creaviasion. 3 years of their still unfinished fan film, and now a pilot that was never to be. A kickstarter to buy off the "franchise" from HG would be way too complicated, and I'm sure loopholes would be in place so that HG would still be active in one way or another. Put some life into them eyes for crying outloud... It's not a line art thing either.
  23. They want cash for the pilot, but, they are now offering a art book, along with coins and stuff. I am now really interested where the money is going to be allocated. Svea Macek is a consultant. Any which way you spin it, consultants aren't cheap. At least, to what I've seen on kickstarter, those who want to make a film already have a script and go into more detail about it than HG has. It's more than just "best and the brightest in a school and they get attacked" then they hijack a ship and warp out. Ok, so the Branch Davidians attack the moon, which by the way makes no sense since there is already a military base on mars, the kids get scared, tuck tail and run. Leaving everyone else for Canon Fodder. Then what? Do they come back with reinforcements and kick butt. It's so sketchy that I think they will make it up as they go along.
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