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  1. Just realized that the podcast is over 10 years old now. It's been a crazy journey you guys have been through. Hurray!
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot that this forum got hit hard by the huge brain drain and other garbage that happened over the past few years. Their professional relationship to the franchise through Creative Sphere may have changed significantly in recent months.
  3. I can't help but think you guys had a role to play in recent announcements. If true, keep up the good work. It's becoming more important than the podcast.
  4. All this time I thought the thread poster was just another pathetic lurker from the Robotech fandom.
  5. If a dead ringer for Nikki Basara can show up out of the blue in this universe, all sorts of BS you can dream up should be entirely possible in Robotech these days.
  6. That 5% and inadvertently opening Pandora’s Box won’t save Robotech or Tommy Yune’s career at this point.
  7. I meant the Most Dangerous person in the anime industry worked on Macross II and this. http://friendsfromtheinternet.com/2007/07/21/show-131-if-you-kill-their-boss-they-will-have-sex-with-you/
  8. The Most Dangerous person in the anime worked on Macross II.
  9. You act as if they haven’t been doing a lot of that stuff already for the past few years.
  10. Status quo maintained. Next up, another one of Tommy Yune’s vain attempts to continue the story in some form while waiting for that Hollywood movie HG sacrificed so much to keep happening.
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