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  1. You act as if they haven’t been doing a lot of that stuff already for the past few years.
  2. Status quo maintained. Next up, another one of Tommy Yune’s vain attempts to continue the story in some form while waiting for that Hollywood movie HG sacrificed so much to keep happening.
  3. For all the Internet drama queens out there, Especially those who suck at international shipping.
  4. Got a good feeling at least one of my predictions from the show is gonna be right by the end of this movie.
  5. Noel laughing at all of you on Facebook right now for this can also happen, because of a lack of context.
  6. Noel is the owner of Calibre Wings, and he just trolled a whole lot of you good in addition to getting your money.
  7. I don’t buy it. It sounds too easy that things can change so quickly from just throwing their PR drama queen under the bus.
  8. You’re right then. Wherever/whenever they stream it avoid any potential dubs done for it and be wary of the first physical release. Translation might be questionable, but serviceable.
  9. Got high hopes for Discotek quality release. They’re doing pretty good bring out vintage series respectively these days.
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