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  1. All these new gundam kits have me interested, but the extra hoop that is PBandai doesn't make me want to actually get them. I really don't like this exclusivity model that Bandai is going for with gunpla. Edit: Ordering from the PBandai website isn't an option as they don't ship to Canadian addresses. Who does that?!
  2. https://hlj.com/product/BANN24034 Up for pre-order on HLJ. Shipping is gonna be so nasty...
  3. Well. That's what I get for not going back exactly ONE PAGE. Thanks! Want is rather high, but at almost 200 CDN... Might have to wait a tiny bit.
  4. That is pretty. Any details on scale and when it comes out?
  5. I do know why Gamestop opens games. It's to display the boxes, and to deter theft. I remember way (way way) back when you could get a box (and they were way bigger too) off the shelf, and hear the bits shifting about inside. And as an aside, I think that the hugely inflated prices for original carts and boxes is overrated. The last time I went shopping for retro games to play I was shocked to see prices in the $30-50, with a few $100 and up floating about. Honestly, I think this market is due for a rather nasty crash.
  6. To answer number 2, it's because of licensing restrictions. Not sure exactly which company (main suspects are Disney and Revell) is causing the screws to be tightened down. I have had good luck finding the kits on Amazon, of all places, and at reasonable prices. Once the hype dies down a bit.
  7. Thanks for the comments! At 1:400 scale, Queen Mary 2 is 87 cm long, but only a little over 10 cm in width. A long skinny huge ship. For fun, I pulled Academy's Titanic out of the stash (also 1:400), and if you were to make Queen Mary 2 into a tub, you'd be able to float Titanic in it, and move forwards and backwards a little. I will be very happy when the case is built, and she's installed at the travel agency. For now, she rests in the one room in the house that the cats have no access to.
  8. Queen Mary 2 in 1:400 scale is DONE. Well, not quite, I haven't attached the engine pods, as this model is for a client who runs a travel agency, and we're waiting on the case maker to make a case for her to sit in, and I don't want to damage the delicate propellers. I started this model way back in July 2012, and worked on it off and on. She's pretty much built as is out of the box, with an aftermarket wood deck kit applied, as I prefer the look of real wood (and saves my sanity in masking).
  9. Rising from the wreckage that is my hobby bench is this grunt Graze a little while ago. Went with dark green colours instead of the lighter greens called for. The frame was painted in metallic grey, and then toned down with a clear flat. Not too bad of a kit. I've also got McGillis's Graze in the box waiting to be built.
  10. Well, the movie might not be getting glowing reviews, but I did get the soundtrack yesterday, and it's great to listen to! I find it's a blend of Man of Steel and The Nolan Batman films, which isn't surprising, since it's Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL who composed the music. I'll make up my own mind when I go see the movie, probably within a few days after it opens.
  11. Picked up the new Master of Orion on Steam, which also comes with 2 really good games, and one... not so good game. Master of Orion 1-3. I still have my manuals for Master of Orion 1-3. As for the new Master of Orion, so far, it's living up to the name, at least to me. There's only a few races finished at the moment, and they do plan on adding more soon. I think it's worth the $54.99 Canadian asking price.
  12. That has more to due with the fact that eBay takes a cut out of every sale. Sellers mark up the shipping to make more money. Lots of them don't even try to be subtle about it. I've pretty much stopped all my ordering from the USA, and cut back on my overseas orders, due to the low value of the Canadian Dollar.
  13. I'm in Canada too. My local TRU has some in stock. Pm me if you want me to mail you one.
  14. Has anybody spotted Onslaught in stores yet? My local Toys R Us (all three of them), currently only have the Protectobots, and it was only by sheer luck I managed to snag Bruticus' limbs.
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