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  1. So Palladium is not really accurate and reliable? There is a difference in the copters. I just thought, what if one is part of the anti-unification force? Could be possible if technologies were shared before the war. Just like the first jets that appeared during the Korean conflict. The Soviet Migs looked similar to the american jets. So what reference books are reliable? Does Studio Nue have any reference material available? Either online or in print. I would like to try my hand at maybe building a few variants of this copter. I'm not sure if Captain America will recast his original Comanchero, or even try a variant of it. His skills are far better than my noob skills.
  2. I was looking for someone who might want to get rid of their Moscato Comanchero, but no luck yet. So I was starting to do some research into this helicopter. It seems that I found a few different versions of it. To start off, here is a screen shot of a Comanchero looking copter from episode 1 in the macross Saga: Big cannon in the middle, and seems to have a different tail rotor. Actually, a different tail altogether.The area where the engines are at, it only has 2 pods total. Here is a few of the recognized images of the Comanchero: Here is a screen shot of a passenger exiting the comanchero. Macross Saga, episode 20... In the Palladium Robotech book 1, the description says that the copter has a crew of 3 and can accommodate 6. In this episode, Rick and Max are talking about a Big Shot traveling on the helicopter. Reading Moscato's old post on his scratch build of it, he mentions the size of it as being huge. About the size of the Soviet Hind. Could it be possible that the Copter was used to transport troops, even if no doors are seen in the line drawings? What about that first image? Maybe an early version of the Comanchero? I know that the soviet Hind does have at least 5 different versions. It would be pretty cool to be able to have a few different versions of it. Even better to have a fleet to display. Opinions are welcomed. and please be kind to this noob.
  3. Very true. It does have that look. 4.000 yen for that scale, hmm. I think I'll pass for now.
  4. I can't read japanese... Is there an estimated price for them?
  5. Haha, I didn't notice you had Vol. 1 in the title, somehow my mind just read 1/60. I had a cheap 3rd hand I got from harbor freight. But that is a good idea.
  6. It is usually an good idea to paint as much as you can while the parts are on the spruce. This avoid finger oils getting on the part as you handle them to paint, plus, You wont loose any if you drop the box. If you can afford to, invest in at least an entry level or medium airbrush. I just scored a great deal on a badger 200-3 deluxe set at my local Michael's for $20! Gather as much literature on modeling. Look online and see what tips you can find. YouTube is your friend on most of this. BTW, I am not a pro, and I have been out of the modeling business for about 10 years now. Do you mind if people show their Noob projects here?
  7. You can count me in for 1. Great advice on the 3d printer question. It's almost like painting a car. 10% paint 90% preparation.
  8. Very cool so far. Love the cockpit details and all too.
  9. Even if it does get remade, I doubt that they will keep it to the original. Think back to the 80's. How did people dress? What was in fashion? C'mon, Michae Jackson, Prince, Guns n Roses, Maddonna. What did they wear? Now look at what artists are wearing today... I'd be surprised if it doesn't become some sort of soft porn tease...
  10. I just stumbled into this thread. From the pictures and level of detail, I swore it was MUCH, MUCH bigger! Great work. Now I am gonna have to start from the beginning and catch up on all your work.
  11. Wow, I'm in love with the Commanchero Who in here is willing to part with their unbuilt kit?
  12. Way late to this party, but you did a wicked job on it!
  13. For that price I say it's not worth it. Not really well thought out. No panel lines, not enough detail for that price. Just a nice wood model with a glossy paint job. I've seen the aircraft models at airshows and they are no where near that price. They are also better thought out with enough panel lines and details to show off proudly. It would just be a decent piece for YOUR desk, but not mine.
  14. Of course live action films age as well. But if done right, it could, in a perfect world and budget, last as a classic. There is still some magic to the original Star Wars films. The key would be the CG. Even "The Last Starfighter" has better old school CG than some of the recent stuff out there. As far as continuity, The new Mangas "Macross the first" have already began changing some of the details from the original series cartoons. They don't stray too far away from the original plot, but Minmei's rabbit looking cat, or cat looking rabbit throws me off.
  15. I would prefer a live action film instead of a remake. No matter how good the new animation would be, 20 years from, that too will look out dated. I would watch the live action film just as long as it's not in that fake "power rangers" style.
  16. Did anyone actually get this done? I did some google searches and nothing came up. I might just give it a try with some 1/100 scale figures, Maybe 1/144 if they are too big.
  17. I enjoyed Frontier more than Macross II, and I agree that Macross II is lacking in the substance department. The Mecha and action scenes were cool for the 90's. It was hard to follow from the get-go but after watching the entire episodes, I get most of it.
  18. You guys are gonna get me in trouble! Haha I am going to start building again and the wife will be upset if I spend too much time in the garage. Great models and work.
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