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  1. Awesome work. I would be interested in reading more of the type of work you did.
  2. Good to know. I've used smooth on products before and I never realized it. I'll be sure to air the molds out next time I make one.
  3. What is the purpose of letting the molds air out? Do you somehow inject the resin into the molds or Just pour it? Just curious.
  4. He has a thread for the Gurab he is going to remake...
  5. I agree. Buy it and set it aside. Then, buy a cheap resin kit off eBay to practice. My 1st resin kit was a Sailor moon kit for my sister. Then, I jumped on the evangelion kits without fear.
  6. I've bought a few of Captain's kits in the past. They are good quality kits. I'm in for 1 for sure.
  7. I work mostly in 1:72 A 1:1 would be awesome to see.
  8. Awesome work so far. Can't wait for the next update
  9. That's one clean workbench. Nice work so far.
  10. Did the "How to" ever get made? I know it's 14 years too late, but do you still have that inject paper?
  11. Is your 1/285 file available for download? I'd like to print one out. I was gifted a 3d printer to play with
  12. I do remember that scene in DYRL. But he was going up into gerwalk, coming down might be more tricky to do on a constant bases for landings. If the fighter is damaged and can only land in get walk, I'm sure that there's contingencies for that. At the end of the day, anime magic has always baffled people, so making things look reasonable shouldn't be a big issue.
  13. Very cool. I'm sure with the noise the fighter makes, the fishing boat guys would probably taking dives into the water by then. Haha
  14. Brake fluid would remove the paint without damaging the plastic.
  15. Would be nice to see how much you have improved. Your 2002 art is outstanding.
  16. That's cool. Get em started early. Glad the CFO enjoyed herself too.
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