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  1. what's particularly awesome was how painless it was. they give you a prepaid shipping label, you drop off at any fedex office. I've purchased from places that don't cover shipping, so it's 10-20 bux out the door... other places charge a restocking fee... and shittier places just don't reply to you, so u stuck!
  2. i looked through a few threads here but didnt sift thru all of 188 pages of posts. was wondering if anyone had this issue to their sentinel ride armor? I picked up a Rey figure just a few days ago, got it open, and noticed the swivel joint on this was bent at an odd angle; broke off with very minimal manipulation. The pin that held it together looked super brittle, like potmetal? anyways, i'm glad i picked it up from BBTS. they're sending a replacement.
  3. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    [NVD]NewValkyrieDay Just came in today! super stoked. he loooksss sooooo awesooomeeeee. HotHead Harvey never looked better!
  4. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    just got my hmr CF in! love it for the most part, but when i was switching the heads, i think i pressed a little too hard to ge thte head to pop on and created a stress fracture/crack right in front of the neck hinge in this pic Doesnt affect transformation, just sad... amazing how sad i got even tho there's other things to worry about in life hAHAhhahaHA anyone else had this happen? Edit: N/M i took a good look at it and its made like that lol *sigh* good scare for me. edit 2: I love this guy!!!!
  5. the only thing i was disappointed with the VF1S Roy is the backpack hinge/flap thing. that thing felt super fragile and i did bend it but caught myself before it broke. By comparison, the 1/48 feels more durable, but that's a whole heap bigger than the 1/60. The thing i really dig about hte 1/60's are how flush the shoulders sit inside the valk in fighter mode. Also love the ribcage covers and the neck cover it came with.
  6. al0324

    Hi-Metal R

    quick question, and i'm sure its answered before, but would you guys know what these stands are called or where to get em? i just ordered a HMR GBP *excited*
  7. Yup! its a career now! back then, i was just starting out and gone back to school for art.
  8. Hi there folks! it's been a long time since i logged back on; i dont know if anyone remembers these drawings i did back in 2002 but yea... i think... that was the last time i had logged in?
  9. After a hiatus of... who knows how long, i ended up buying a 1/60 Arcadia VF1S Strike. My last macross toy was a 1/48th VF1A Hikaru when it first came out back in the day. Then came along Robotech on Netflix and it resparked it all over again hahaha. http://imgur.com/a/G3KYj LOVE IT also hate it. i nearly broke the hinge on the backpack flap but caught it in time before it snapped. Bent that hinge/flap spot pretty good, but at least its not broken and in need of superglue. Also have some FlightPose stands coming, and a Bandai VF1A Mass production type Hi-Metal coming in sometime soon.
  10. Yeah, looking forward to some CM's too! waiting for the Toynami treads
  11. was there major problems with VF-oS? or are you just saying in general when VF-OA's coming out.
  12. I will get all except Max. I have a hikaru one and am not interested in repaints. oOOooooooo plastic CRACK i tell you!
  13. Yeah, you're getting your money's worth size wise. Attached is a pic of a 1/48 scale VF-1 next to the 1/60 scale VF-0. 418740[/snapback] OOOhhh! OOOOOOOOOHHH!!! that is sweet! i think i'll preorder with HLJ then. how fast and how much do you think EMS it will be to san francisco, CA? :D (sigh, that and Mp03 starscream will put a dent in my wallet )
  14. *sigh*, to go from Ghandi and Schindler's List into the jaws of Uwe Boll. Kingsley what are you thinking? Then again, Ben was in "Species" 410960[/snapback] My g/f tortuted me when i was sick with a fever by renting bloodrayne. I coudln't move to turn it off so i sufferred through the whole film. Michael madson, ben kingsley, michelle rodriguez, they are good actors, but what a CRAPPY script! what a crappy movie! I've read somewhere Uwe Boll is the "King of video game movies." ??? wtf? no he's not. He's the king of making crappy videogame movies. I hope Halo with peter jackson turns the tides of video game movies. Silly Boll, tricks are for kids!
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