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  1. I was working on my motorbike last night and just had to put it on... I really should get a better camera.
  2. Bad picture but it's now hanging in my shed, needs some more painting and a lense but I'm happy with it.
  3. If you are willing for me to have a look at the model I'd be keen
  4. Dumb question but what does oven cleaner do?
  5. Seeing as you where the only person who answered me I will take your advice and blame you if its wrong Thanks
  6. Lets get picky I don't think it's close enough to the original drawing above. Marvel at my awesome paint skilz ... I will be selling these as prints if you are interested haha The side cannons on the model DON'T have the triangular feature from the drawing. The top cannons I have marked with arrows are the wrong way around, the centre cannon should be closer to the Large cannon and behind the lower side cannons. There is a detail missing off the Main cannons. Having said this, I only picked these up because the reference picture was posted, I think it looks cool. No I won't buy one though.
  7. So this is what I'm working on, I need some help with the final color though .. I know its white but Is it an off white or something?
  8. Most likely not possible to use STD lengths, you make things fit the model a lot of the time in manufacturing. I have a couple of jobs where I shorten a bolt by 1mm to make it fit, there is no other choice.
  9. Cool, did you get the H90 from thingiverse? I downloaded it but haven't printed anything yet.
  10. RAD..... This is next on my build list to go with my helmet. Did you make it extendable? It looks like it could be with the splined sleave.
  11. Awesome, well done.... When you have finished this you need to move on to the rest of the fleet CAD and 3D printers are pretty cool, if you can think it you can build it.
  12. Haha, not that old, I saw the repeats and not the first time it aired ..
  13. Good idea 99. An upside down version of this will work nicely, Good job Rodavan
  14. Thanks, since I thought about the other 2 heads I've been looking for good detailed pictures of the 1J and 1A heads.... can't find anything good enough to model off, i'll keep looking. I don't think either the J or A will fit my head at this scale, just for the kids I reckon... that's if I do them. I'm going to make a wall mount so I can mount it like a trophy I'll get the parts laser cut in 5mm Aluminium and weld it together and paint. Should look pretty cool hanging on the wall. The plate with holes in it bothers me a bit, I might change it to make it more Macross styled... Ideas anyone?
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