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  1. I'd say, keep 2 of each and sell the rest. That way y ou keep 1 mint inside box, and you can display the other.
  2. Hey VT, do you mind posting, or pm me the instructions for the launch arm. I lost mine somewhere during my 3 house moves.
  3. Here's my take, I'm no expert either. Some poses, if not all, do look like they came out of a fashion magazine. Rick Hunter meeting Roy for example. Another is Claudia on the bridge while the attack is on, she is standing with her hand on her hip as if she got to the end of a fashion runway. Another is when Minmei is shown running. It's as if someone was told to pose like they were running without running. The inking is way too thick. It makes, for example, Minmei's hair look all nappy and dirty, almost like a homeless person's hair. No navy personnel would wear stripper shoes to work. The story is different. Roy went from somewhat of a big brother we all wants to have, to a brother who's disowned his family. Rick escaped from prison (the brig) and stole a car (military aircraft.) So now he's your typical felon... As Captain said, if it was a different title, maybe I'd want to read more. But no matter how great the story is. If the art doesn't follow suit, then it just plain kills it. I had high hopes for the art, considering the Artgerm cover and other variants. What's the point of an awesome cover if the Meche doesn't even match!
  4. I've picked up Stanley's 2nd art book a while back. I also follow Scott Campbell and have a few of his variant comic covers. https://www.instagram.com/jscottcampbellart/
  5. I might just pre order it. It's about 135 on Amazon
  6. I'm going to have to do that then. I'll keep you all updated on the progress
  7. Here's the problem piece. The top one is how it is supposed to be. The bottom shows the thick plastic cement. It should be able to move but it doesn't.
  8. I'll try this way first. I will get a picture up in a few days. Thanks. The glue looks thick. I'll get a pic up soon.
  9. Need some advice. I was given a mospeada legioss fighter that can transform 1/48 scale. The issue is that the "winglets" on the nose were glued on with testor cement. So, they don't move to transform into soldier mode. Any ideas on how to remove them without damaging the nose? I don't want to butcher it beyond repair. I recently acquired Captain's 1/48 legioss (soldier mode only) as well, I would like to display one with the other. Just to show how a proper kit should be made.
  10. We had German Shepherds that would think my dad's king pigeons were toys to play with. They would actually play with them without touching or hurting them. Until 1 day, the pup just got too close and bit one too hard. That feeling sucks.
  11. I was going to ask about adding another one to my order, but I may just save for 2 King Crabs.
  12. So the bonus figure "Blows" lol. See what I did there? That's awesome. The figure is in scale, and from Exo?
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