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  1. SOLD. Plenty of other stuff where that came from. Keep your eyes open.
  2. claud grant http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/profile/7588-claude-grant/ Great buyer. Nice guy. Asked me to give him time to scrape up funds when the unexpected got in our way. He came through as promised.
  3. Bump as previous buyer has gone silent for an extended period. Pricing clarified.
  4. Glad I was able to sell it to someone who needed it. I'm definitely not trying to gouge anyone. I may list a price that is too high now and then but that is not on purpose. My objective is to be a fair and honest seller. No reasonable offer will be refused. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, Jenius for the clarification, thanks Tetris for the bump. LOL
  6. Tried to snap the gimmick seat into the Battloid not realizing it doesn't click. Bang. Back hatch gave way and I ripped the hinge off the tail bar pivot. Facepalm. Thought I was gonna have a stroke. Patched it it together but it will never look right in fighter mode again without a miracle. I need a replacement part badly.
  7. You're welcome, bro. Hope you get that head laser fixed! I broke the backpack hinge on my Myria Super J 1/48 last week so it could be worse.
  8. SOLD 1/60 Yamato Armored Parts Set - $55 SHIPPED (USA). Never opened.
  9. The one that I have listed is a V1. I have a V2 but am reluctant to part with it. Then again, it lives in a box so the hesitancy is a tad irrational. PM me.
  10. Price Reduced. I did some research on what the FMV of the Max is these days...
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