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Found 2 results

  1. Hey fellow Macross Worlders! As many of you know, I switched from 1/200th scale to 1/350th scale because of how hard it was to get “extras” like aircraft and armor in 1/200th scale. Plus the price was high since many were collector’s items. So I switched to 1/350th scale and solved all those problems in just a few model kit purchases! Plus, more of our own members are making 1/350th kits of some awesome, long awaited subjects: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=40821&page=7 Other kits in this scale soon to be released are the Valk, Spartan, and Regult. All have some sort of MechTech mechanical gimmick or extras. A 1/350th Daedalus is planned on towards the end of the year if all goes well. After starting this project last year in February during the cold weather (couldn’t paint the Daedalus) and waiting for the right time to release, here are photos of the completed 1/350th “Monsutārobotto” masters for casting with some background on the kit and why certain things were done. The buildup will be posted later in "The Workshop" threads. ACCURACY Scaled line art drawings were glued to the plastic stock whenever possible to ensure accuracy while machining and that all the parts fit properly when complete. Then each assembly was meticulously compared to the plan line art (copy of the same drawings) to double check accuracy. Yes, I had to work through some “anime magic” since drawings had contradictions. GIMMICKS Fix him Ratchet! - As my name implies, I’m all about the mechanics. The hip and shoulder joints are built with ratchets in them to allow you to pose your model and make it stay there. Pick a card - The rear spade is fully functional and the complete detailed set of “guts” in the rear module is included. The squats - Just as the line art shows, the kit’s legs can squat and are articulated in the same joint areas as the line art. Athlete’s foot – The toes and heels of the feet are articulated, in case you wanna depict yours stomping on something (like a Regult ;^) or just displaying it with a foot up showing off the tread pattern. Get loaded – the rear loading hatches can be built hinged or glued shut for dioramas. Who’s driving? – Yes, the cockpit is an option you can build open, with raised commander’s seat. Most 1/350th scale model figures fit the cockpit. Rounds for everybody – a simple cart with various projectiles are included for fun. PLEASE NOTE: the canon barrels will be in resin, but molded to minimize seams - because we all hate sanding EASY PAINT Most of us hate sanding down seems and masking for paint can be just as laborious. So most parts are made to be painted and then snapped in place or glued without masking. DECALS Because most of the Monsutārobotto’s markings are white, I had to bypass decal printing for now, but I’m searching for someone who can do it at an affordable price. PHOTO DISCLAIMER Photos were taken VERY close up in most cases. This causes long lines like canon barrels and the arms to warp slightly – either that or you had too much to drink depending on what you’re looking at. Special thanks to EXO for “duplicating” some parts in a couple of photos so you can see what one looks like “assembled” before paint. PURCHASE This kit is being sold for the extremely fair price of about $45.00 (USD) plus shipping. I don’t have the capability to cast at the moment so Tundrayeti has the production reigns and is already on it. The advantage to you is that you can meet him at Wonderfest and buy one in person! Production is geared for Wonder Fest at the moment. You can PM him and order one after Wonder Fest if you can’t make it there. For those of you living under a rock, Yeti will be here: http://www.wonderfest.com/ . As always, questions and comments are welcome! - MT
  2. Well everyone, I'm finally releasing my first kit, a 1/350 scale VF-1J, GBP-1S. A GIANT THANK YOU to Valkyrie who's doing the casting and taking orders. This will be the first in a series that I plan to do in this scale. This kit includes every detail that could be fit into this scale to include a full load of missiles minus the ones in the box, and that's only because you can only get resin so thin! Some of the special features of this kit includes: - Optionally posable chest and shoulder missile hatches - Full load of missiles in chest, shoulders and arms - Fully detailed gunpod and missile boxes - Styrene rod head lasers If you'd like to purchase one, please contact Valkyrie, or see him at Wonder Festival where he'll have them packaged and ready to go! There's always room for another Valk in your collection - especially if it's under 1.75" and is a mere $10.00! There will be proper packaging and instructions included. Makes great playing pieces for checkers too! Here's some casting photos that Valkyrie has added primer on to make the details stand out: There's also a couple of prototype photos to show the original work in detail: Only catch is you'll have to get your own quarter for a stand ! The next project will be a fully loaded VF-1J fighter. - MT
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