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  1. Just curious if you toy boys are still zooming around the house with your VF's? Remember real men build models.
  2. Models are for men. Toys are for little boys who think they are men, but like to vroom vroom vroom their little toys around their apartment staging renactments of epic battles from a kid's TV show aired almost 30 years ago.
  3. Sorry I was teasing you guys last week. Just meant it to be tongue in cheek. It's kinda a joke since we're all nerds by the mere fact that we're taking time out of our day to talk about anime. Clearly I thought the inter-site forum wars would be kinda amusing and clearly someone did not think that was funny at all. My bad.
  4. I frankly don't care if I get an extra $50 for it, particularly if it goes to a friend on the board. HWR MKII was asking for it, and I'm inclined to give it to him... I'm just looking at my pile of "partially built" kits and it is really bugging me. Particularly since I know it will have to be majorly rescribed.
  5. I didn't know Captain America was gonna do one. I doubt I could get more than $50... I'm thinking of holding on to it. By the way, it is Mike's resurrection (I suppose this is a better "r" word than the other one). It's the last rec... um, I mean resurrection I ever bought... and I don't plan on buying another one.
  6. How much do you think I could sell a partially complete Tanmen Cat's Eye for? The Fuselage and the wings are attached, but much of the detail is not. I'll upload pics tonight.
  7. You have no idea how much "weight" it has to it! It's solid resin, a steel stand into a heavy piece of wood base with solid resin tiles on it. It's by far my heaviest model yet!
  8. Soon to be off my workbench... only took about a year and a half to complete. Not that it was all that hard... I blame it on the XBOX 360 and 4 kids. After I took some pics, I realized it still needs a fair bit of detailing to get rid of some of the problem areas. These are Jade Dark Hearts tiles. Thanks JDH! And thanks Mike for the rebel pilot and thanks Jim Botatis for the helmet stickers! Thanks Guy Cowen for the plaque. And thanks Ralphlee for talking with me about it on the message boards... true inspiration.
  9. saw this on the RPF... great job PetarB
  10. You can't stop him... you can only hope to contain him!!!
  11. Toys are for kids, silly rabbit. You zooooooooom zoom zoom around the room and transform them for an epic battle against your teddy bears. Models are art meant to be admired. Each individual... not mass produced. You could argue toy customs that are painted are a form of art. I guess you could say the same thing about legos... but they just aren't in the same league as stuff like Master Cheng.
  12. onezero generally doesn't do casting work. I assume he'll have one of his buddies like Blappy do it.
  13. Samurai Monkey made a recast. I was glad he did it, but it was one of his first. The quality of resin and the casting was pretty poor. He's gotten much better.
  14. May your beautiful resin kit provide you many hours of enjoyment of transforming
  15. Dude, why not just build it fixed? You really think you are going to play with it? If you are going to play with it, don't you think your time might be spent better building other kits? Seriously, who would ever bother to transform a resin kit? You work so hard to get it beautiful, but then they are so fragile that you break it and/or scratch the paint job trying to transform it. And why? Because you wanted to zoom it around your apartment? Seems silly.
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