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  1. After two months I finished the repaint of Altos' VF-25F DX. Transformation is possible, although you have to be extremely careful as there are a lot of sharp edges which will scratch the paint easily even with several layers of clear coat I've put on. Before painting I sanded down the edges where the wings fold into the fuselage, the area around the hinges of the tail fins and the inner edges of section where the cockpit/nose rotates in. This seems to be enough as I found no wear resulting from the regular transformation process until now. Still, there are issues where you have wear at points were sections are clipped together. At the point where the forward engine section of the legs is attached to the upper fuselage and on the side of the leg section where where the wing section is hooked. On the former one the paint is stripped from the pins that go into the fuselage but this is only visible from the rear in battroid mode and only from certain angles. The latter is only a tiny white scratch of 2-3 mm length. All in all I can live with that, but by now the VF-25F is transformed back into fighter mode and will stay this way for quite while 😉. Concerning the building process I went through painting relatively smoothly but ran into several issues while applying decals and panel lining. Those third party decals tended to break easily, especially on the edges. My decal softener had almost no effect on them. Panel lining turned out to be even more horrific as my new thinner I intended to use to remove surplus panel line color rather took away the coating and base color instead of the former. I the end I luckily could fix all these issues and after reassembly of the valk I'm more than happy with the result! Before: After:
  2. @peterI really lost count how many Star Trek ships you've built lately. Must be an impressive fleet by now 😉 And this lazy built Yunagi looks pretty good by the way 👍The flat coating helps a lot.
  3. Ah, Five Star Stories - I thought that design was familiar to me, but didn’t think of FSS. Cool looking mechas with unique designs.
  4. I think this will be the only repaint of a DX toy for me. I'll rather use peroxide or bleach on my other yellowed ones next time. My three yellowed VF-25 toys were the first ones I got and it seems I was too careless in the beginning and exposed them to direct sunlight too often. My newer toys currently on display are still in perfect condition as they are always kept away from the sun.
  5. @Thom Thank you, I'm curious if all will really fit together in the end as I imagined. @MechTech Thanks, it's a little bit of trial and error and luck tonot overdo sanding and keep the gaps small enough while avoid scratches in the end. Your Battle Frames looking great - I really love those gun builds of yours with those highly detailed barrels and shells! @electric indigo As everybody else already said: awesome looking colors. Can't wait to see all set together.
  6. You guys showed up with lots of great builds and projects the past weeks! I could follow up scarcely. My own little project, the repaint of my yellowed DX VF-25F was completely on hold for weeks. Well, until a few days ago. Since then I made some significant progress as the Main colors are almost done for now. Used up one and a half roll of masking tape already. I did not try to disassemble the main part of the upper fuselage with the wings as all joints are pinned or glued tightly: Had to sand down the area around the swivel mechanism of the side rudders to avoid paint scratches as the gaps are very tight. Hope it was enough sanding after clear coating:
  7. Congrats, that is really an awesome outcome of the print!
  8. That's my thought, too. As the VF-25F is mostly white colored, I hope I can leave most of the locking points in color of plastic to avoid paint scratches and keep the friction.
  9. I think I have to sand down some edges to avoid scratches during transformation. I had good experiences with Tamiya acrylics and TS clear coat with my V.F.G valks, which are transformable to a certain degree. Or, never transform it again!
  10. Here I have my slightly yellowed DX VF-25F, this sticker sheet that just arrived today and lots of white paint. So it is time to start my next project with working title „Sheryl Guard Custom“ First step is dismantling the toy as much as possible without breaking it completely…
  11. Now that is a nice peace of art! As well as the wall, too
  12. After vladykins showed his pick for the robot spirits Queadluun here a few days ago I took a look on ebay again and found this nice bundle for about 50$ incl. shipping :
  13. Nice pick! Looking for this one for so long, too, but not at prices three or four times of yours.
  14. CrossAir

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Primarily, but not only. As I Mentioned earlier also my green and beige colored RVF-25 and VF-25A have this issue. And some plastic parts are affected while other are not. Maybe due to parts coming from different suppliers indeed.
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