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  1. Love this one, but unfortunately I would not have space for displaying it. But anyway, thanks for the inspiration: 😉 This one may fit somehow.
  2. @ThomWow, you lift her high up soaring in the sky. Wenn I look at my heavy chogokin Yamato it looks like it’s grounded on those flat stands.
  3. Don't know what to say! This is so cool. All these little details. A bit sad you gave Roy no airtime 😉(or did I miss it?)
  4. @electric indigoShe's looking great! Your first post some time ago made me watch the series so I can say she really looks like the original.
  5. @arbitThanks, I relly totally forgot about that tank. Can't even remember spraying the camouflage. Concerning the pickup you won't see a vehicle in this configuration on my country's street either. I'd love to get this one for real. For the Paint job only three colors (champagne metallic, black and clear red for the rear lights) were needed but my main fear was how to get the color evenly on such a big surface with TS spray cans. Never sprayed such a big parts lately. In the end lots of sanding and several thin layers worked out. By the way I went with a matte finish for the body so the chrome parts stand out a little more. A hassle were the parts that come fully chromed like the rims or bumpers which should be partly or completely painted black. Getting rid of the chrome without damaging the surfaces was no fun especially on those partly painted parts. Here's a pic before clear coating: Here some more, but I don't know, on the pictures if you look closely the color does not turn out as smooth as in reality at all 🤔
  6. That are some awesome builds and projects you guys shown here over the past months. I tried to follow up but now after going through this thread I see I missed out several of them. With several interruptions I'm glad I was able to finish my "little" project today which had started beginning of January. After a long time not a static model but a RC pickup truck: Toyota Tundra High-Lift from Tamiya. Good thing was that I had lots of drying time before adding each layer of primer, color or coating to the cab so I'm really pleased with the paint job in the end. And while searching for my old 4-channel receiver I stumbled over my next project: A dusty 1/25 RC Panther - Started building back in the 2000s but somehow never finished it. Details like smoke on the gun and exhaust pipes as well as panel lining, weathering and clear coat are missing and I have to rework some of the decals, too.
  7. As far as I'm concerned their stocks came in approx. 3 to 6 weeks after the item was available in Japan. The Gullzwerg Kit for example, I think it was available in Japan around beginning of December, I got the in stock notice end of January. Or for Metal Build Freedom Concept 2 I got availability beginning of October, I think in Japan it was in store around August/September. Then release date for the DX VF-25 Worldwide Anniv. afaik is May 2022 in Japan, Hobby Frontline lists it with May-June. But as I'm located in Europe ordering from them prevents me from high customs charges and increased shipping costs if ordered directly from Japan. So it is worth the wait.
  8. Yes, it’s a mouse pad. It was included as a goodie from the shop I ordered from 🙂
  9. At the end of the month some nice things came in... and finally my first RX-78
  10. CrossAir

    Macross figures

    Agreed. Though I liked the idea of the main protagonists fight together as a rock band, the story was lame. After half of the episodes it was hard for me to go on and watch until the (for me) unsatisfying end. And the valks didn’t catch me as well. I like most of the characters though. I think I would get the other two band members as well if available.
  11. CrossAir

    Macross figures

    Quick delivery from amiami 😃
  12. CrossAir

    Macross figures

    Yeah, I’m just waiting for the combined shipping costs 🙂
  13. Some years ago I nearly bought all my stuff via NY, even got my DX Kairos from them in the end. But it started in the mid of last year when they cancelled a figure without notice and not responding to the ticket I sent. In August they luckily shipped out my Metal Build Dynames. But then my local customs department sent it accidentally back to NY. It seems the papers did not reach customs in time. Japan Post tracking information stated the package had been delivered to NY but although I tried to get in contact with them several times I never got any response. Now with the latest outcome I'll be left with a loss of over 200 bucks.
  14. I had already given up on this, but I just noticed one of my favorite European stores has it listed as well by now. https://hobbyfrontline.com/product/dx-chogokin-vf-25-messiah-valkyrie-worldwide-anniv/ So I’m happy I didn’t get through on any of the local Japanese sites ‘cause now I won’t have to pay tax and custom fees and shipping costs are just 15 € 😃.
  15. @MechTech it’s getting better and better with every post. This will be a pretty cool diorama.
  16. Searched for the re-release of Tamiyas‘ Grasshopper and found this thing! Now I wish for lots of snow at Christmas! 😃
  17. @Urashiman scratch building would be good to hone your skills. As for me this would be no option and I would scrap this kit as it is not that much expensive anyway. @joscasle Another gorgeous looking weathered machine! Wished I had the skills to do so.
  18. I don’t see any defect, only a damn good looking sv51 in fighter mode!
  19. That's an awesome idea! And you printed and painted almost every main female character of the whole Macross universe. And they are looking really good, especially at that size. I Like it, definitely!
  20. Wow, lightening up did really do a thing. And that burnt metal looks really cool. Great looking F15!
  21. Thank you guys, too! I just checked on my oldest DX toy, that's Lucas' RVF-25 and it shows slight yellowing, too. Now I think it'll look cool with its radar dish painted in grey colors. Especially in combination with its three drones. Could be a nice project during xmas holidays 😁
  22. Thank you both! I'm still a fan of the original colors of the YF-25 but as well of this much more military looking style of the Kairos. And I appreciate the matte finish of the VF-31 DX toys. With panel lining and decals the YF-25 now has the look of a premium finish version of a Macross F DX toy. I would like to do that to my other Macross F Valks, too, but unfortunately a complete painting has a negative impact on transformation. Perhaps if I can grab an already yellowed toy at a favorable price I'd do another re-painting again. Somehow I find a liking in it.
  23. I did it again - though I wrote somewhere back in this thread I would not repaint a DX ever again. But I couldn’t stand the look of my poor yellowed YF-25 and felt I had to do something about it. Use of peroxide was no option. Good thing I had already knowledge concerning disassembly and scratch sensitive parts. The color scheme was an easy choice: VF-31A Kairos. It took me a couple of weeks as I did not have much free time for modeling but finally it’s done: YF-25 Xaos Gamma Flight 01 Before repaint (in reality the white parts are much more yellowed than in the picture and on the lower side, too) And after: VF-31A and YF25 in comparison:
  24. Oh yes, if MegaHouse would release the spider tank with Batou in matching size I would be all-in!
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