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  1. Before the night ends.......sharing again a progress!!!! thanks pips for dropping. P.S antenna parts from other pre made scaled models.
  2. LOL...just a fan boy having fun.... thanks man. me too.....but yet still a long way to go. true man. so far here are all my scrap and here's the right canon i haven't start anything yet
  3. Sharing again. A very slow and lazy process we call sanding but more over satisfying to see the progress...Ill be concentrating on the center part, finish it all the way before i proceed to the other parts. At least it can give me push to finish everything. hehe. it will be so.
  4. Been busy moving to a new house and i would like to share our new crib. New crib means new larger space for me to continue my work. some toys, DMK optimus prime chokogin VV here's my last month progress thanks mate!!!
  5. Who wants a cassette player? apology for my messy room.
  6. hehe...... cheesy it is....1 of my fav after lays hehe, specially when waiting for the prints.... wahaha...its just for size reference, i forgot to shave...
  7. Cinderella's magical glass shoe fitted
  8. managed to print these last weekend. And it took 2.5 hours for each piece to finish... hehe....thanks dude for dropping by.
  9. it was dream come true for an artist who doesn't have a talent to scalp or very lazy to do the conventional method of model making, just a software and printer together, thats it...for me, i am that lazy guy as well dont have a talent to scalp..hehe.....thanks man!!
  10. I am planning actually to redesign that. and voltron lion team as well. wahaha.....
  11. new update... Voltes v's volt frigate The bridge
  12. thanks dude.. how i wish...as long im not done with this. ill still consider myself a newbie.
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