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  1. They look fantastic, do you think I could buy a couple of the stl's
  2. I'm starting this build up again... Also got my first 3d printer.... Let the detailing begin 😁
  3. it is made from scratch by me, so its the only one in existance. theres actually a build thread in this site!
  4. where did you buy this! and are there any more?
  5. i used a regular a3 printer, and i printed it on 250 grams paper, which is plenty strong for this build
  6. hey guys, thanks for your concerns but thankfully im not suffering from any covid-19 related problems, but my thoughts are with the people who are affected in anyway by the pandemic.. i just burned myself out from model building... im slowly coming back now, made some small stuff ill be posting in the coming days, and yes i have made some progress in this project, ill post pictures soon...
  7. i still have the scans for this! if you are interested?
  8. it all looks great ppl on my end i have way to many projects active at one time, so i need to, once in awhile finish some of them. long time ago i bought a Bandai PG 00 Raiser gundam. i never intended to build the Raiser part. since those parts make the kit way to heavy for any pose. anyway here are some of the first painted parts.
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