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  1. Thx... Making it up as I go xD As I understand it, the center of the ship is the military base and factories
  2. not only are the legs backwards, the leg fins are upside down too lol, the wide part of the fins should be pointing up
  3. first low res test print (took 1 hour and 27 minutes) looks quite alright
  4. nice.. this looks clean, awesome job... keep up the good work
  5. they dont look at Macrossworld forums or they would have seen all these beauties including my SDF-1
  6. so the other part of the city is in the making xD
  7. it is a VF-2SS, well the front of it anyway xD the software is TinkerCad and i find the software a bit clunky to use, but as long as it is mechanical parts i need and not organic shapes, its fine i guess. its actually easy to make parts for macross in tinkercad, because of the philosofy behind the original macross designs
  8. lol. hey Mommar yeah they are made from various parts from different sets.. xD Update! SDF-1 greeblies part 1
  9. LOOKS AWESOME! never seen those 1/35 mechs, but i love them xD
  10. progress in the ship weapons department... missile turret
  11. thanks to Massassi Order on thingiverse i have this... and im gonna add lots of these as details on the ship also i have printed these for the other half of the city and since i already changed the design on the cannons i ought to change the design on the large missile turrets this is all for now... oh and here a turrets in its right place
  12. NICE! great idea, cant wait to se it finished!
  13. It's just something I make for fun, different ships in scale 1/1600
  14. A little update... Maybe I should make the scene from outside the hospital
  15. Thanks for that info, I'll look into it. What you see on the wing is a leftover fragment from the support that I forgot to remove
  16. Yes it is ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm finally starting it up again, gonna go crazy with the city in the other leg, and details!
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