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  1. looks good all of ya! currently on my workbench!:
  2. are the white details something you are gonna paint on yours?
  3. the line arts are by no means anywhere near accurate, the booms on attacker mode line art are too slim, which then creates all the wrong perspective and sizes we see in earlier storm attacker models btw keep up the good work... it'll be interesting to se its transformation when you're done
  4. where did you buy this beauty? looks good your work so far..
  5. in the process of making the base (stand) for the Macross.. anyone knows of any good pictures where i can see the details of those pylons? still needed to be made on this SDF-1: Daedalus interior The residential area inside the other "leg" a couple of VF-1 fighters some destroids for the various gun emplacements and for daedalus Edit: Oops! forgot the updated pictures of the City:
  6. are those parts available for purchase? looks very good
  7. been working on this the last couple of days... not quite done yet.... and these are upcomming projects!
  8. i mean adding extra layers to make the panel lines physical, and not printed...
  9. looks good so far... are you gonna make the actual panel lines?
  10. this looks good so far im interested in doing a test build of this! (should come as no surprise)
  11. finished with the "big things" and base coat.. now to the trees
  12. added more layers and buildings also added a back wall and i have made a tree forgot to take picture of that... need to make a lot of those
  13. i have a update! continuing on the city.. added large windows instead of the old ones...
  14. I present to thee, the newest weapon of mass destruction...... BOB! :3
  15. hmm... lots a good suggestions ill have a name chosen soon... need to add a "nose" art too and also painting the "name" on it... so apparently it isn't quite finished yet
  16. If Armageddon, should probably make it Ragnarok since it fits more with Valkyrie... I was leaning towards Chimaera my self... But haven't decided anything yet Hmm Annihilator.. doesn't fell like Macross, or am I way of here?
  17. Arbalest Chimaera Seraph Sledge Hammer Morning star Trident Kraken Anubis Argus Banshee Basilisk Cerberus Cyclops Einherjar Fafnir Gorgon Leviathan Manticore Nidhogg
  18. Pengbuzz- those haters are idiots, PERIOD!! hope it haven't put you off modelmaking?! Update! pretty much done now... might be a few places i missed... anyway...
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