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  1. and they are preaching to the wrong choir....
  2. yea thx anyhoo not many Sivil models out there, so im making my own
  3. im currently working on this... since i got tired of waiting on someone else to make her... and its resin all the way through
  4. at long last, FINISHED!!! or nearly so for some reason i have overlooked the top missile launcher!?
  5. actually have some progress on this, AND....... ive changed the look of the City again!! well i wasn't feeling the scale so it needed change... still a lot more needed of cause
  6. im sorry, but i've searched everywhere for those pictures... but they are gone... i can show you what i have, and the end result
  7. currently working on this! Morrigan From Darkstalkers... i'm gonna make some changes though, give her some alternate clothes.. still haven't learned my lesson not to use a Laserprinter lol
  8. here a better pic lighting vice... and the gun is done...
  9. the hasegawa one http://hlj.com/product/HSGCW-05
  10. EVA Unit 01 is pretty much done... only the Rifle and Knife needs to be made.. that last picture is pretty dark, will take more in daylight.
  11. its an up scaled papercraft i had started awhile ago, but got sidetracked as usual
  12. in the process of painting this "beast" i'll be messing with the details soon !!
  13. ill post more of this one in a couple of days, also ill explain exactly what i did..
  14. currently working on this little thing. modifying it into flying mode instead of launch mode. also removing the helmet...
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