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  1. now this is interesting gonna keep my eyes on this project... have the bandai version my self... and was planning on a few mods for it... to make it more stable...
  2. wow... been so focused on the main ship that i keep forgetting about the "shoulders" and the smaller crafts... been busying my self with the shoulders today... covered them in styrene and added the cannon mount.
  3. made the "leg" connections or connectors if you will... more pictures of them soon.. once they are more refined.. but im very exited that the main engine housing are attachable without the use of magnets even being able to hold all that weight
  4. finally! i made the large "intakes" on either side of the main (center) hull also had to reshape the main gun base and the side lift thrusters where they meet up with the "Intakes"
  5. looks like alot of fun... recently build that Tomahawk my self... good luck
  6. wow i have some progress to show you... as my Queadluun Rau is almost done... ill start this one up again, from a much needed brake... i have started giving it more detail... for now its not gonna transform.... however.... i know my self well enough to know that... i might change my mind later so fickle! therefore i make sure to add the basic mechanism for that now. now i add the regular details, later ill add all the irregular details. NOTE: the photo etch is from 1/3000 DYRL SDF-1 from Yamato
  7. in a way they where from the kit.... i used parts from the green sprues to make the missile tips
  8. Nyankodevice

    Hi-Metal R

    the Glaug is one of my fav mecha of all times... but never acquired any good kits or models... so im extremely exited about this... may May come quickly
  9. ahh thats what you meant... sorry for misunderstanding you! pictures not good enough to see properly whether there panel lines or not.. EDIT: having looked much closer to the best pictures i could find.... there is panel lining hard to se because of the very white color and the lighting used when taking the picures....
  10. a bit more done... missile launchers almost finished... also added the screen infront of the pilot.. startet painting the pilot....
  11. I used these two. 8 parts green and 2 parts grey Hope this helps🐱
  12. That's why people have invented brushes, paint, painting panel lines ect. ect. I preordered it.... Though... Gonna make some changes to how the SAP pack is....
  13. Nyankodevice

    Hi-Metal R

    this makes me realize how big Klan Klang is
  14. Nyankodevice

    Hi-Metal R

    i also managed to get a glaug... been waiting for that along time
  15. pretty much done... minor touchups still needed, cockpit needs more done... pilot not yet finished...
  16. how much does it weigh? killer project looks awesome
  17. pretty much the same conclusion i arrived at a little update... no need to change the pilot size, she only lacks 4-5 mm... so im not gonna do more about it... added some details in the cockpit and more to the underside for the pilot protection..
  18. Thx... Ill stick with the setup I already made.... I just noticed that in the DYRL 1/60 q-rau the pilot had her legs in the backpack... Incidentally i had to do some calculations, and Stumbled over something interesting... This kit is not at scale 1/144... Instead its around 1/119 -120 And the pilot needs to be around the same size as A 1/20 figure... So I'll have to make the pilot bigger
  19. I`ve run into a dilemma... Is the pilot supposed to have legs in the q-raus legs or are they meant to slide in to the backpack so she almost lies on her stomach?? Any thoughts would be appreciatedā­
  20. more progress! made a "outer Rim" on the shoulder launchers. also worked on the knee launchers... almost done... some of the finer details are done.... need the rest of those, and need to finish the cockpit and pelvis area.... and of cause need to add missiles to the shoulder launchers
  21. made progress on the shoulder pods... used my wall mounted rotary tool to grind out the inside of the pods, to make room for the hatches and their opening mechanism...
  22. its update time... well a little one addeed more bulk to the legs and changed the shape a little.. made the upper arms, need to find some small joints for the elbows and ankles.. made the shoulder hatches oppenable... (not yet finished) what it looks like so far....
  23. sanded the shoulders, fitting the hatches.... still need a bit more shaping on the shoulders, then ill start on the Details!
  24. progress on the missile hatches (shoulder) and size difference! i believe they are a tad bigger than the line drawing, but looks a bit more brutal this way!
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