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  1. another update! more done on Prometheus! bridge pretty much there , and more deck detail done...
  2. another small update! added more to the Daedalus Bridge wing....
  3. well it would be more accurate "IF" i made the internals, for which there is actually plenty of room for a litte update! made antennas, small missile launcher and anti air emplacements on Prometheus, still need a bit more.. also next id probably make the bridge... also drew roughly what the "deck" will look like, not final!
  4. not long... still need various panels lines/section lines also more PE parts needs to be added, also the city in the legs needs to be made..( ) the various gun/missile turrets also need to be finished...
  5. a minor update! Daedalus bridge pretty much done.... Prometheus: more details added...
  6. Nyankodevice

    Hi-Metal R

    why the H*** are there Zentradi vehicles coming out of a ARMD
  7. a little progress! got some more done on Prometheus ill probably redo the windows on Daedalus bridge, need them to be more square..
  8. its definitely not fragile the large pieces are reinforced on the inside, some parts are made with 3mm thick styrene sheets the parts that needs to hold weight are heavily reinforced... it sounds like resin when you knock on the parts all surfaces have styrene layer/layers, cyano acrylate (super glue) adds ton of strength to both paper and styrene it weighs roughly 2 kg / 4,4 pounds maybe 300 grams/10.5 ounces of that is paper/cardboard some parts have been made entirely out of styrene.... _______________________________________________________________________________________ Progress Update! begun work on the bridge of Daedalus and abit further with Prometheus...
  9. a small update. added some details to the front hatch of the daedalus and also panel lines, and a prime layer of paint on the keel to se if it looked alright started on prometheus pretty much scrapped everything except the keel.. added lenght to the ship and made the top deck slightly slimmer
  10. ahh makes sense... always looked like it could slide and open up, but never could find any info on it. thanks MT
  11. a bit more done... added the back shell, whatever it is! also made the bridge boom/spoiler, and as mentioned in a previous post front hatch hinges.
  12. Forgot to take pictures today, but i have been sanding all day it looks a helluva lot better now.. also built a slide and open for the front Hatch. Btw. anyone knows what this is, or what function it serves:
  13. made some more progress on the Daedalus.. had to lengthen it a bit, and i added 2 cm also changed the design of the back end of the keel to accommodate for the extra lenght and also it looks alot better imo. not quite finished but its getting there...
  14. had a friend help me hold the ship while i took a picture and she wants to stay anonymous
  15. maybe its the hammerhead principle... having a wide target scanner or something like that.. better precision for fast moving targets.. it IS an AA mecha..
  16. never seen it rotate, dont think it rotates in the tv show, but my memory could be faulty
  17. Lol you're starting to sound like me.... be careful of that, trust me
  18. well... i received the magnets im planning to use for this build already used some of them some heavy duty ones and some close to the last ones i ordered... 16 mm x 6 mm 49 newtons 13 mm x 4 mm 26 newtons 06 mm x 3 mm 09 newtons 03 mm x 6 mm 04 newtons Strength: 10 Newtons ~ 1 kg so finally the Main Cannon is attached.. used 13 mm x 4 mm magnets to keep the two sides together. and 16 mm x 6 mm to connect the cannon to main body its getting kinda heavy the 06 mm x 3 mm i will use for the docking mechanism of the two smaller crafts Daedalus and Prometheus. also started working on Daedalus
  19. welcome aboard the Macross Express
  20. Well you get more room that way.... May not be real world correct, but it looks more correct.
  21. pilot looks a bit big for that valk... or its a really big guy? but really its almost impossible to make it accurate, cuz alot of anime magic is involved in the cockpit with transformation and whatnot... however i really like what you've done so far. keep up the good work
  22. According to the research I've done.. TV show says legs go into power suit legs, Where as DYRL says they go into backpack... Ill post some close-up pucs of it tonight, when I get home
  23. Nothing to do with model building of any sort🤔However I only work 3 days a week... That's how I get the time to build so much..😁
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