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  1. wait... what decals! theres no decals on the daedalus its styrene all the way and panel lines..
  2. Update! added more striping to Prometheus, and Daedalus they are done i think, atleast for now
  3. nope my day job isn't anything fancy... ____________________________________________ Prometheus progress!
  4. and Prometheus has gotten keel fins and has been painted... also still need striping,weathering ect.
  5. yea they really arent.... you know..... however in the movie they look awesome... one of my favorites really.... but as a model kit...... i really want to pic up one or two of those kits and fix them... but also know that i dont have the time to do that but i like all macross none the less, no need to be offended....
  6. i like this one.... CLICK! ..... preordered!
  7. Update! i painted Daedalus no weathering yet... the blue color is gonna get darker with shadows and weathering..
  8. another little progress update! Daedalus has gotten fins! and a base coat the upper "legs" has gotten some more details and a base coat _____________________________________________________________ now this is where im planning some of the city will be built.
  9. how about this.... this part feels underwhelming so what about the one i drew under it?
  10. Extreme Munitions Unit saw and older VF-1 kit converted into an E.M.U. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=28583&p=752322
  11. wow the VF-31 actually looks good in all modes... unlike certain other YF and VF
  12. Finished with the front verniers, and did a base coat... minor cleaning and touchups needed.
  13. almost done with these... also added base coat... still a little cleaning up to do and sanding.. ________________________________________________________________________________________ added base coat to Prometheus. looks nice i think, also first little Vf-1 ________________________________________________________________________________________ dock finished for Daedalus!
  14. hold your horses, 7... no its at 10,5cm total i think... unless i made a total miscalculation... well it should be around 10 ______________________________________________________________ edit: my bad, should have made the specifications clearer:
  15. lets just say that papercraft is the template, which is still inside it.. but for all intents and purposes.... no its probably more correct to call this a plasticraft. its more durable than a regular plastic kit (btw read two of the books, just started on the 3rd, and so far, they are really good ) _____________________________________________________________________________________ update! added more detail to the main cannon mount, also changed the shape of the Beam cannons a litte...
  16. how about this? its a slimmer version fits 9 mm max diameter its not to flimsy is it?
  17. by guns and missiles i mean these. think they may be hard to turn in any metal however thanks for the offer, i might take you up on those at some point _________________________________________________________________________________ just out of curiosity, what would 4 of these barrels with hole cost.... (picture isn't 100% accurate)
  18. still working on the guns.... im really not fond of that kind of work, its tedious! but they are coming along nicely uh lookie lookie.... while a was taking a break from the guns and missiles, i slapped this together from a 1/8000 SDF-1 Attacker mode!
  19. not really a update, but wanted to show different angle with bridge attached... also started working on the weapon emplacements, theres alot of work there moved my entire workshop back to my apartment.... was getting cramped in the old place...
  20. another update! more done on Prometheus! bridge pretty much there , and more deck detail done...
  21. another small update! added more to the Daedalus Bridge wing....
  22. well it would be more accurate "IF" i made the internals, for which there is actually plenty of room for a litte update! made antennas, small missile launcher and anti air emplacements on Prometheus, still need a bit more.. also next id probably make the bridge... also drew roughly what the "deck" will look like, not final!
  23. not long... still need various panels lines/section lines also more PE parts needs to be added, also the city in the legs needs to be made..( ) the various gun/missile turrets also need to be finished...
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