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  1. lol yeah... yesterday he did the stop and stare.... for 5-6 minutes.... (exaggerated of cause, more like 3 mins) you remember that micro destroid defender i made for my first sdf-1 its size actually fits the new one im making... im gonna try and make tomahawk in that size too.. maybe trough shapeways... dunno if they can make them that small?
  2. a friend of mine bought this kit... made a rush job of putting it together and "accidentally" glued some of the parts without first painting the hard to reach parts.. he then gave it to me and said "fix" it.... i instead bought it from him for a symbolic price... i needed a couple of days of from my other build, and this was a perfect little project to do so with... i dissembled the parts as much as possible... then primed and preshaded the parts... didnt like the flat grey some of the parts was to have... so i painted them black, and then used Tamiya weathering master Dark gun metal and snow. gave them a very thin coat of Matt Varnish... another layer of snow and Matt Varnish next was two thin layers of the "desert pale sand" and "muddy dark green" that i mixed now some detailing with black ink....
  3. this looks awesome.... must have.... need... *drooling*
  4. yes looks to me they can.... your right about that... they arent long enough.... however the legs in that drowing are too long.... needs to be in between a change im gonna make on my 2 ships when i get them....
  5. grabbed 2 preorders need them for a diorama im planing to make... cuz my two other TV SDF-1 are too big for that... considering the space i have available http://www.hlj.com/product/meg82029
  6. i have come to the point where i have to think about how to connect the parts together... starting with the upper leg parts... the idea i have is supposed to be these giant cables and actuators, possibly hydraulics surrounded by various tubes and cable or something... coming out of this hole and connect to the mid-ship this idea is still not final.... maybe ill have the actuators actually work, for a possible transformation later on... that is still not desided either
  7. Made the connectors for the base of the main gun! so that they can turn open...
  8. not really a progress update... just wanted to show what it looks like atm.. still need to make the shoulders, Daedalus and Prometheus
  9. made some more on the inside legs... still need to attach some armor plates to add more depth and ofc. Details
  10. Yes... super glue (Cyano Acrylate) bonds extremely well with paper... (into the paper, to be more exact) also bonds well on styrene.... epoxy i imagine would be good in cases where your paper parts are bumpy, and you need to fill out the gaps. hope that helps
  11. i used these for my other build, good tight joints.. you said it
  12. looking at these pics, i realize something... the ship is slightly to short overall, cannon is missing the iconic curve, cannon is not quite massive enough... wth.. is it with that intake/duct combining bow with main body....legs need more length and too thick at front... Prometheus almost there... Daedalus closest part to what SDFM equivalent should be... also bridge although bigger than DYRL version... still not quite there... by all means my own TV SDF-1 build is not perfect and has details never before seen on any DYRL or SDFM SDF-1 kits... thats just what i like... if i had the time or knowhow i would consider making a mould of my SDF-1 and sell the kits here...
  13. ok started on the inside of the legs... decided to borrow some of the design details from DYRL SDF-1 since TV version has virtually no details there , other than some lines.... ill give it my personal touch so that it isnt completely identical cut out large holes and backed them with a piece of styrene sheet.. and ofcause my good friend Milliput some of the parts needed for the details there
  14. Almost there with the details on the legs .... need the other side now...
  15. more details done on the (legs).... alsao made the connector for the front..
  16. added a bit more... more panel lining, edge details and abit more on top!
  17. it's quite hard adding details on this ship... at first i was like... there so much room for details but, i don't want to over-clog the surfaces, so figuring out which detail and how detailed those details should be, isnt easy... made some more details... also another view af the back verniers..
  18. been some time since my last update.... worked on the verniers on the "legs" and also the Main thrusters. also made some Missile and Destroid hatches more pics of the verniers and misc.
  19. made progress on the (legs) it was a pain to measure out the panel lines on these since they have to be identical
  20. The rail cannon Barrels Sanded With 400grit Then with 1200 grit
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