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  1. its update time... well a little one addeed more bulk to the legs and changed the shape a little.. made the upper arms, need to find some small joints for the elbows and ankles.. made the shoulder hatches oppenable... (not yet finished) what it looks like so far....
  2. sanded the shoulders, fitting the hatches.... still need a bit more shaping on the shoulders, then ill start on the Details!
  3. progress on the missile hatches (shoulder) and size difference! i believe they are a tad bigger than the line drawing, but looks a bit more brutal this way!
  4. got abit more done today..... modified the legs so they work on a polycap joint instead, to make room for where the pilot legs goes into.. kinda like exoskeleton pants made sure the polycap joint and pilot hip joint, move with each other added more bulk to the missile pods (shoulder) begun on making the knee launcher larger..
  5. had this kit laying around... and decided to work on it! the pilot figure in the box horrified me.... looked more like a girlish boy than a well proportioned woman... so..... i...... the arms were imo out of proportions... did something about that.. also started on the "cockpit" and lots of things where "off" started work on that too.... will make room for the pilot.... all of her... will also add as much of the interior as i can.... also missile bays on shoulder will be made bigger...
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