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    Hi-Metal R

    Valkryries :3 the VF-2SS is quite big!
  2. pretty much done, crappy pic though and a litte fun build in the works
  3. looks like the finally made the proper cannon booms....
  4. its not supposed to be a character from the show, its the soul of the mecha..
  5. just finished just finished currently on my workbench
  6. im getting 2 thats for sure.... can remake one of them for any of the leads...
  7. coming along nicely... btw where did you get them?
  8. All of the above reasons are also valid.. But are we forgetting that there were two animation studios working apart, one of which weren't so particular when it came to scale of various things... Just some thoughts
  9. that looks great and is "doable" at that scale 1/4000.... however it doesn't look like SDFM they only have 9 - 10 years to build both the city, military base and rebuild the ship which they first need to study, also in the study phase there probably weren't that many civilians to build a city, since the site probably was off limits... also the un - anti un wars took some time... so in the end there probably weren't that many buildings above 3 - 5 storys i assume most, military personnel lived on the base...
  10. Yes it really sucks... A lot of money is riding on that train to God knows where...
  11. that's actually a good idea, but then it should be the entire island and surrounding sea loving that idea. actually i can do that, the board in the picture is only the "blueprint" so to speak the actual diorama display in its current state...
  12. i might aswell make this an actual thread... i have have started my very first Diorama, and its is the SDF-1 situated on macross island, its will be in scale 1/8000. the SDF-1 model im using in the diorama is a Bandai 1/8000 storm attacker kit, i converted into Cruiser mode, i had to remodel some of the parts since they where not to scale or was simply the wrong shape, changes made to parts where: Main cannon (gave it more bulk and more details) Main Cannon connector (changed shape completely) bridge boom (made from scratch) bridge (needed separation and details) main thrusters (looked to much like feet, changed shape and added details) the diorama rough sketch is pretty much done, need more roads though.
  13. Yes that would be a very interesting one to do... adding dust clouds around the SDF-1 as its trying to take off... but are there any good pictures of that Mars base where you see all the base? a mix of these and a touch of me...
  14. well i always wanted to make the island diorama, and this is the smallest sdf-1 i had on hand... 1/8000 the 1/15000 and 1/20000 are way too small to make a discernible macross city and military base... (with any details atleast) and its my first diorama ever so.... you and me both
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