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  1. i always loved the A and J versions the most... be interesting to which you go with
  2. if the thoughts were about either the AT-AT or yamato i would be concerned.... great work on those those btw also the snow effect looks good if you mean my Sivil figure... well.. you are not the only one i imagine...
  3. got some more done on the Sivil figurine what i did was draping the figurine in vita wrap, then applying milliput, so that i could take it of again, easier to work with that way
  4. paper ain't that different from plastic, you can paint with airbrush regular brush, weathering ect. ect this is what the original hair looked like... what i did with the new hair "strands" to strengthen them was to add a drop of extra thin superglue making them as resilient as plasticard...
  5. made new hair from scratch for this paper figure, since the standard hair was too simplistic
  6. Thx I'm still working on it.... Currently I'm looking at light for the city And the stand for the ship.
  7. Whenever I finish painting eyes, I always consider myself very lucky, if it worked out OK... Tamiyas fine soft brushes works well for me, since the tips are very pointy and stay like that if cared for... That I would really appreciate if they did.. Looks like a new NausicaƤ fad has emerged here
  8. made some progress on sdf-1 (mini me) still need to paint more markings and a bit more weathering... also started on the inder layer of the heir for "Sivil"
  9. im guessing as to her size, so my estimate says 160cm ish or 5.25 feet model is 47cm tall with heels 45.5 without ..... so roughly scale 1/3,5 (you where close)
  10. after what seemed like endless sanding... i have some progress on what is essentially a Morrigan/Sivil hybrid, to become a .... Uchuu Kyuketsuki (space vampire) version of sivil from Macross 7 the hair is in the works.. sivils headgear almost done and i havent settled on what kind of boots...
  11. thx its a hasegawa GERWALK kit and its suspended like this... temporary solution though, as im planning to make the entire "rig" in plexiglas
  12. made this minmay from Minimum Factory nice little kit imo
  13. well the glaug and the VF-1A are both HMR but not 1/144 more in the 1/90ish however the Miria pilot figure and Q-rau is scale 1/120 and not scale 1/144 and the changes i made to the Q-rau and pilot only added 3-4mm in height respectively
  14. its actually around scale 1/35 (114cm) if we assume the EVA is 40ish meters tall
  15. thx... also the harness and the belt took a bit time to make since its made in paper
  16. NausicaƤ needs more love.... organic Macross cannon lolz
  17. finally! i've made some progress on the pilot.... still not done and need to make the harness.
  18. yeah i finished it... its somewhere in this thread dunno how far back though...
  19. im about to build the gunship actually... but nothing to show yet
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