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  1. almost done with the decals, soon be starting with panel lines, highlights and dirt
  2. Never actually thought about what those abrevations meant thx Hmm robot.... My understanding of what a robot is, is either a autonomous machine or programmed, or a remote controlled one...?!
  3. yea thats what i arrived at! want to incorporate it into a macross Factory diorama with a special factory wing reserved for this beast.. with vehicles carting around ammo and weapons for this one.
  4. Gratz on engagement derex おめでとう Omedetō Progress!! first up is trusters, original golden color vs. new golden color bottom one is the new one color scheme as is now, no highlights, panel lines or decals yet... halt!!
  5. already ordered ground crew and pilots from various addon sets, to convert into a fitting pilot and mechanics crew looks beautiful, i like the intro tune aswell
  6. thx for all the quick replys and great suggestions.. its Macross real world as in no weird mixes of colors and such? dirty... ofcause as in sinanju or char's Zaku?? its flashy my arch nemesis for a couple of painful days playing Armored Core 4 Answer had to change it up completely, cuz my preferred type of chassis and weapons where useless!! that version of white Glint was made by our beloved Kawamori-Sensei good oldschool checkerboard added with some brown, yellow and green! i was thinking about this, and its most like something like this, ill end up doing, perhaps a touch of greyish-brown in the mix something like this: nice collection of paint schemes might refer to some of them later
  7. it parts forms.. swapping around the modules to change the displayed mode on another note.... made the last changes to my Custom Destroid Mecha. and lastly... any of you guys have any suggestions for a paint scheme for this one??
  8. actually i did a 1/500 Yamato for a friend of mine w/ battle damage and very heavy weathering... but at the time i was more occupied with my first SDF-1 build so i forgot i wanted a yamato kit btw yours looks awesome with all lights and sounds, and is that a display base meant specifically for yamato?
  9. looks great arbit.. makes me wanna go buy a kit, to have my own
  10. and of cause a gun pod and a ammo drum to go with it!
  11. The monster is awesome... In the end it comes down to who shoots first.. (which of cause Han did )
  12. It's made from the destroid phalanx searchlight and styrene sticks and a Gundam arm joint xD It should be able to take out monster, that right arm cannon should be able to take out smaller ships and installations..
  13. Looks awesome MT! first draft of Battle scanner/rader suite also a little change on the left arm.
  14. well its almost there, i still need to make a battle scanner/ radar suite
  15. made the hatch mechanism.. added the glaug evil eye as a test to see if looked good
  16. well.... the legs look better than i expected
  17. Maybe a mecha put together by mercenaries or pirates
  18. Yea they are very nice, I myself plan to convert one of the bandai 1/72 into one..
  19. 2 builds just left my workshop.. The SDF C-108 Elysion is roughly same scale as the 1/8000 SDF-1
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