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  1. i myself am going to modify the feet, when i get mine tomorrow. ill post what changes i make.
  2. a little project while i wait for my plamax 1/20 gerwalk
  3. never ordered anything from them so no experience... but 250$ seems excessive!
  4. back in stock at hlj https://hlj.com/1-20-scale-plamax-mf-25-minimum-factory-vf-1-super-strike-gerwalk-valkyrie-max01069
  5. i found out why, for Hlj atleast.. the automated system that figures out quotes on freight, can not handle it, if the box gets too big or heavy. so those that have bought it on hlj needs to write customer service to get they're quotes.
  6. same for me and i live in Denmark.. probably the guy who research the shipping prices to certain countries, took the week off, or something i dont know
  7. start with the center of the ship, then the bridge part... then the side thrusters, and then from there you can build rest in which ever order you wish.. hope that helps
  8. maybe i should try to get my hands on a bandai/takatoku SDF-1 and make my own modifcations!
  9. well you did a great job... looking more closely i spot alot more of the same details
  10. great job... the bridge looks abit like on my 1/1600 i love seing what others do when they make or modify the SDF-1
  11. its good to see others making figures out of paper... looks really good, kudos to you!
  12. id rather spend my money on Plamax 1/20 VF-1
  13. must admit this looks so much better, i think i'll have to buy one of my own and make a mod also...
  14. i almost missed this comment... its a small project im working on, as you know i have alot of leftover parts from various other models and projects and once in awhile ill dive into my parts box and make some thing .... the result is this ship in scale 1/1500
  15. on the hasegawa 1/4000 SDF-1 storm attacker mode the is no mechanism for the hatch, its glued in either position.. btw you motorized valk looks awesome
  16. Modded the hasegawa Daedalus carrier... Here's the YouTube link:
  17. ill probably paint the blue and red in deep metallic colours... But we'll see about that...
  18. yeah i love it too... I saw a Y-Nadesico there a couple days ago i wanted, but when i went in to buy it today, it was gone, and they only have the regular Nadesico now
  19. Nyankodevice

    Hi-Metal R

    you beat me to it lol
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