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Found 5 results

  1. i might aswell make this an actual thread... i have have started my very first Diorama, and its is the SDF-1 situated on macross island, its will be in scale 1/8000. the SDF-1 model im using in the diorama is a Bandai 1/8000 storm attacker kit, i converted into Cruiser mode, i had to remodel some of the parts since they where not to scale or was simply the wrong shape, changes made to parts where: Main cannon (gave it more bulk and more details) Main Cannon connector (changed shape completely) bridge boom (made from scratch) bridge (needed separation and details) main thrusters (looked to much like feet, changed shape and added details) the diorama rough sketch is pretty much done, need more roads though.
  2. Megaroad this will help give you all the knowledge of how make the city in side... I found them on the net & had stated over 3 years back picking up the 3-D City Puzzle's set's now I have 6 or 8 of them ,& I plan on having more of them latter. for the model .. YES it be A vary big model. I wish to make but will only be about 1/3 rd., of the size I need for all my city building's to go in to . & Yes I've even looked at the inner city in side of the ship being 1/2 the size of 3-D City Puzzle's. to build the ship I truly think YOU MUST Build the City 1'st,, then the ship around it & have A 2'nd City Built as a back up till you prefect your work. on the ship.
  3. From the album: Macross Minecraft Updates 2-22-16

    Not much to see here... Just the port side "thigh," section of the left leg, and the connecting crotch area to the main body.
  4. From the album: Macross Minecraft Updates 2-22-16

    The TV monitors at night in their eventual, "natural," lighting
  5. From the album: Macross Minecraft Updates 2-22-16

    Althought I haven't started the city itself yet, here we have the beginnings of the large TV monitors seen in DYRL.
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