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  1. I used Vallejo's USAF Colors for Gray schemes. If I recall correctly, I used the Light and Medium Ghost Gray's for the Valk itself. Aggressor Gray (or Ocean Gray) for the armor and other odds and ends.
  2. I am going to call this one done. Ran into an issue in regards to the canopy rail due to pulling up the tape... with some paint. Also as you can tell the canopy itself fogged over, I suspect that it is from some superglue, which I assumed wouldn't fog since the canopy was dipped in Future, so much for that little bit of advice. The end was a slog, since I used it as a test of skills in regards to displaying the model in flight. I might redo the base when I complete my Hasegawa VF-1 and VF-11. It is meant to be a bit shiny since I used Vallejo's Metal medium with the paints, no issues
  3. Still in the painting part of the build, I've attached what I paint scheme I am going for. I am leaning more towards the second option with the seperate darker gray over the first. Any thoughts? The images I found on this forum, but I forgot to get the name of the person who provided the line art. Thank you very much to the person who provided, I will edit to give credit if needed.
  4. Greetings everyone, figured this would be a long shot but no harm in asking. Does anyone happen to have scale drawings for the VF-1 in 1/72 scale? I am still looking through the forum and online, but I figured someone might already have them available or know where online to find them. Thanks for the help.
  5. Haha... I still have a Hasegawa VF-1 and a VF-11 to build and paint!
  6. Hopefully I will be able to work on this build this weekend. It's coming along slowly but surely. I will look into thinking it more, but I had issues with the primer being thinned too much.
  7. Was able to work some more on this again. Having issues with pushing paint through my Paasche H airbrush. It's slow going but getting there. The below is from Saturday: This is a continuation on Sunday. The paint is coming along, just very slowly. Vallejo Air even thinned and my airbrush are not getting along.
  8. So, I had some time to work on this build. I went with the Black Grey for the armor on the legs plus the boosters. I went ahead and hand painted them because the issue with trying to airbrush regular Vallejo paint. Not worth the hassle, but I should have thinned the paints. I might have to sand it down and do it again. Weird thing that occurred, the Black Grey came out darker during the initial paint, but more gray when I painted the gun and the booster. I can live with that. I apologize for the lighting, I am working in an unfinished basement and I can not get the lighting to work righ
  9. Here are a couple of images with the build primed. Not the best of photo's since I was in a rush. As you can tell, the Vallejo Gloss Black Primer is very shiny for sure.
  10. So I just finished priming the parts this weekend. (Vallejo Primer -Black). In reference to some of the parts that need to be painted such as the boosters and armor, I was thinking of using Blackened Steel or Gunmetal Gray for that. Natural Steel for the thrusters/feet and some of the some odd and end vents on the VF-11 itself. Since I am going to be using a two tone gray camo scheme, I think that should work. Any thoughts?
  11. I find this a fun kit, even though I can't read the instructions. ( I do cannot read Japanese). Only required a little bit of surgery since I am building this a wheels up in flight display versus wheels down. It's been awhile since I compared the sprues to my Hasegawa VF-1, but I do know that I am going to have to paint some of the parts before completing the assembly.
  12. This might work also, thank you. Priming and painting should begin this weekend.
  13. Much obliged for all of the help. I looked over at Macross2net to see some of their images to get an idea on colors and decal placement from the images. So hopefully that should be of some help.
  14. Much appreciated. I think this is a case of my inability to read Japanese. Most likely the instructions are on the box and I just can't read it.
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